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Baccarat undefeated tactics

Baccarat Undefeated warfare began in the concept of change! As we all know, with a chase straight negative cable to play baccarat no matter how much formula eventually ended in failure, this "win granulated sugar, lost between the plant" have been numerous suicide method experts strongly resisted, so the cable will have a brother off the master principle proposed anti-cable win.

Hundred percent support the concept, but how to counter the? Anti several style? Indeed a twist of thought-provoking questions. Cable will have a long break brother asked Six of cards in a shoe does not lose, see Zhuang Zhuang chase, see idle chase Busy, counted at least seven out of the queue will be out, the process was very tough, and not generally anyone who can to, if you encounter a whole shoe brand is up to three, then it boots card on will lose more than 60 base code, due to limited personal funds, Jiugong will naturally affect the mind, it will lead to mental breakdown and chaos footing.

Anti-cable plus cut Heqing tactics can do undefeated.We can do a mathematical imaginary on: We all know that in a three-way arrangement shoe brand is about 22, so we have at least three times in three-way cable only profit.22-3- (3 * 7) = - 2,22 points in three of all in the straight cable is assumed to be 124 wins and 21 yards, did not pass for 19 to 19 yards, the last two yards profit.Of course, this is from start to finish, a state may be too ideal, if only one of it 22?Would not it be losing?That may not be, if this one is out 1-8 at the start of, the use of cutting Heqing, we can go back to this, or at least a small amount of profit (before pumping).In theory, we should bear this shoe brand 22-1- (1 * 7) = 14 yards, in fact, we might tie.Another might ask, this is your design out in 1-8 months, if the cable is out in the middle of the piece or segment of it?This we accept their fate.Some people may ask, if a none out of it?Would not it be a loss 22 base code, yes, if you bet method using a three-way cable can be neither broken cable in a shoe brand which can basically be a profitable cable odds.For the anti-cable are concerned, this situation is going to happen.So desired by the anti-cable are looking for a regular break of three type cable.

How to find it often off cable?After studying some of my personal experiences, I feel a little bright spot, out to explore together with you: we play what fear is that cable?Is a start on the broken cable, then the psychological extreme anger, and that this shoe brand should no longer break, can backfire, though known, but the segment part of a break and then off, and continuous off, but at the same time there is a phenomenon, There are whole in time, because the cable is playing, so we have to win the first port stopped, since the wave of rule 55, followed by another continuous cable break occurs, which makes us truly a win, and lose 7 , really does not pay.According to this situation as I design, see the actual card Example: bbp bpb bpp bpb bbp bbp pbb ppb ppb bpb bbb ppb bpb bpb pbp ppb bpb bbb pbp bbp ppb pbp, on the ground floor Casino Brand example, start out bbp, if the cable were the first to hit on the break, then that is playing its opposite ppb, we can see later, bbp and continue alternating ppb in the whole boots, indicating that if began to cut off cable, basically behind will face a lot of broken cable, 80% cases are like this, if the first time we have broken cable still nothing and add layer betting, finally certainly hurt very deeply. God really fair, but We did not grasp the whole of the time only a victory would satisfy, and all lose in the end lose Shique so negative cable must chase ended in failure.

If we take out first-hand what the formula told it to buy anything, this shoe brand is Wynn, but it is the ideal hand. We can observe first-hand if you encounter broken cable, with full-back All Africa will continue to open out, still to this feature, we give up playing three anti-type cable, row two instead of reverse cable. See with just playing the same, just playing the anti-anti-see. So this shoe brand in our overall case 22-1-8- (8 * 3) - = .22 for the whole 11 yards the number of boots, hands three type 1, 8 and the total number for the whole of the non-3 for the two of reverse cable profit.

Personal recommendations, row 12 anti-cable, for example, second-hand three-way first open b, b negative hit a stop, the first of the third three-way hand-b, b negative hit a stop, the same token, the fourth hand three formula first open b, b to play a whole treasure in playing p. Similarly behind continue, in the first of the seventh first trans p, p playing a mother out on the treasure.

Summary: two rows of reverse three-way cable does not like that much of a negative fluctuation, and two type of cable is most easily broken.

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