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Baccarat Baccarat Betting Law point count method

This one Baccarat Points system was previously handed the gap as the next men note of the reference


Firsthand: Zhuang Jiasheng 8 to 4 (gap = 8-4 = 4)

Second hand: Player wins 7-5 (gap = 7-5 = 2)

Third Hand: Player wins 9-0 (gap = 9-0 = 9) (start betting)

Fourth hand: Zhuang Jiasheng 7 to 4 (gap = 7-4 = 3)

Fifth hand: Player wins 8 to 2 (gap = 8-2 = 6)

If the gap is diminishing before hand, then the next note in the final to win the men's side; if the gap is increasing, then the next note in one of the last men to lose.

In the example above:

Hand to second-hand gap of 4 to 2 (decreasing), the third men finally win one, that is busy at home .-> wins

Second hand through third hand into the gap by two 9 (increments), so one of the last men to lose the fourth, that is making .-> wins

Third hand to hand gap from the fourth 9 into 3 (decreasing), so the fifth men finally win one, that is making .-> Negative

According to dismount this system is called "positive note"

And under the law in accordance with this system reverse operation is called a "negative note"

The above is the three positive note

When you tried this system, you will find:

1. encountered long and negative note positive note probability is very low, usually positive or negative Note Note will not appear more than six times in a row.

2. Sometimes a negative note will be leading the Board, but not into positive note and will be replaced. But in fact positive and negative note in a note there is no hand dominance. That is the meaning of the Board At the end, they will take each other to offset each other out. So every game of cards in the positive and negative note for note the difference is not much.

3. Whether you note with a positive or negative note, you will be in a certain period of winning a hand


1. The bet when to start?

Usually begins when a pair of the Board of

2. when to stop betting?

When I won in a deck of cards in the two unit's time to leave

3. whether the use of progression?

We recommend using a flat note

4. Can you use the progression?

A matter of opinion

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