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Make money on gambling Baccarat law

The so-called "two of bet Baccarat Law ", of course, need two people together. So, if you are with a friend into Casino Then you can use this method.

They say the gambling law, a person buy "village", a person buy "busy." Some people would say, you probably crazy, right, if you bet according to law, of course, some people win, some people lose, theoretically, are playing and, however, bet "village" is to win a rake, that is to say, if it is gambling "village" who won, you still have to lose a rake.

Yes, if the two of them when the bet is to use an "average note", it will indeed be the case. However, if the stakes are not the same between the two, the result would not have come out the same.

We have one hundred dollars per injection, for example, gambling "village" of people to the next note, that one hundred dollars, and gambling "idle" who are betting three hundred yuan. If it is "free" win, then two Total won two hundred dollars, if the "free" lost, then lost two in total two hundred and five yuan.

Such a simple calculation of the number of course we will, then, which again awakened wonderful place? In fact, I have here is the use of people's "luck."

Two people entered the casino, two people, "luck" is different, so if "luck" a poor bet, "luck" is a good investment in his place opposite direction, and to increase the stakes, the winning The opportunity will be a corresponding larger.

What, then, how to determine that the person "luck" good or bad? I practice two people are the first to "average note" way bet, assuming A bet on the "village", B will be bet on the "idle "After three to five times, of course, a man often lose, for example, in five among the armor lost four times, then acetate, and then bet it can increase the stakes, and continue in this way.

When B win a few hands, all of a sudden reversal of fortune for two, B to A win lose, we bet the next time blamed the "average note" of the way, until another obvious loser appears, only to increase Note yards.

Benefits of this kind of play is that if one of the parties "luck" really bad words, they can still win cooperation to considerable money, on the contrary, if the two people, "luck" almost, limited then the lost money, but lose the rake of money only, in favor of longer operational.

Meanwhile, another benefit of this kind of play is that both participants can follow their own wishes bet on entertainment is concerned, everyone can be involved in, it does not appear to win the party reluctant to go, but lose one is because it has been gambled away, only to sit from time to time to win the party harassment, but affected his betting decisions, and finally makes both lose.

However, this kind of play also has to pay attention to the place. One is still too long to stay in the casino, "only earn" have a winning. Second, the loser is maintained to control their emotions Do not bet the greater the Third, two people bookie and profits must be divided equally calculations.

However, someone will ask, if I only have one person to the casino, of course, can not use this method. So, whether there are other similar methods?

My answer is yes, but this is a way to win than the former rate is lower, and that can only be one-off occasion.

Been to a casino knows, on the table can always see different people, some people, "luck" wonders, at times and all the tables seemed to win, too, there are some "luck" on the table Extremely poor people, and often are not even buy will lose.

In the casino, you can also find that there are some people at the table favorite bet "pique" brand, for example, almost all of them believed that this time must be open, "village", one-sided bet on the "village" of the party when there are one or two people will want to gamble "free." Here are some gambling "pique brand" of the people, usually not "luck" wonders, is the "luck" extremely poor.

You can look for in such a case such a person, whether he is "luck" wonders, or "luck" extremely poor, you can put him as your guiding "light."

Generally, look for "luck" poor people than to find "luck" good people a bit easier because of "luck" good people too many people to follow suit, sometimes difficult to find from the crowd. And, "luck" people still wonders There is a situation recurring, is his good luck may only retained for a short time, and finally, because too many people bet with him and suddenly deterioration of the situation. On the contrary, "luck" poor people kept time longer, therefore, to find a greater chance of "luck" poor man with his bet, the win.

In addition to these two alternative gambling law, there are some gambling law is developed by an alternative out of the gambling law.

Like people's "luck", as different casinos have different tables, "luck" in the "Hundred mound Music" among this type of tables easiest to find. A weak table, usually around over the gamblers bet a lot of people to follow suit.

So find a weak tables, whether it is a good bet method? I personally think that this is not a good method.

Cause there? First, because too many people together, very easy to form a herd mentality, affecting calm your decision as a result, it is prone to Once we think will win the case by the casino once pass to kill everyone losing money.

In addition, tables are rarely vulnerable weak from the start to send cards to send cards after the last time, there is often a change in the middle, when you squeeze it a roulette bet, you may just start turnaround, so you instead It will lose money.

If you want to choose the method of betting tables, it would be better to choose a strong, then, your method should bet against the weak side, the equivalent for a casino you do to help "the village."

As an example, in front of the cards, betting on the total amount of "village" has a million, "free" only six thousand dollars, you can bet in the "free" side, note the code number, according to your own ability may be.

Why? The reason is that the casino itself must be the big winners, while strong capital tables that casino winnings. Select the strong tables, on the one hand there are not many gamblers that can give you calmly, at the same time , it will not be too noticeable.

To take advantage of this one kind of gambling law, they must long count, if possible, should be enough to bet the whole brand a shoe. Because of this, the required capital is relatively large, only for sufficient capital investors. In addition, this one kind The method has a more controversial is if you specifically gambling "pique card", sometimes whole table only you and the whole table to gamble, really give you win, you will become "enemies of the people", which will be you make psychological pressure, so that only people who stand the test of psychological, it can use this one kind of gambling law, do not bother other people's eyes.

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