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Glossary of domestic mahjong gambling

1, a card (also known as a license plate): Starting from the various shuffling cards 17 yards and a pier to a brand so far, called a card.

2, circle Cards: by a person from the village, four are in turn when a dealer (including even the village several times included), and finally to a transmigration village people from so called circle cards.

3, a pair of cards: In the play, each of the hands have 13 cards, known as a deck of cards.

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4, the bid: the stopping and the use of cards, called bid.

5, also known as Lake, also known as sea :( brothel) that is used when the prescription card walled city, the place where the rooms, called the sea or lake.

6, Doors: players license to eat or touch the cards to open the door; 7, the Bureau: Since the card or cards to and Huangzhuang, kick a card, called a bureau.

8, ring: east, south, west and north each village called each make one lap.

9, the dealer: Door Wind East who is making, and licensing or Huangzhuang when making even the village.

10, palm: two identical cards.

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