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Texas Hold'em Common terms

Some terminology when playing Texas Hold'em recurring, it makes a lot of Texas Hold'em poker beginners difficult to understand the rules. So learning Hold'em terminology is very important.

Makers (Dealer or Button): from the real tables of Texas Hold'em terminology in the online casinos, designated by the system.

Blind (Blind): In every game of cards started to force the dealer to the next person down the small blind, big blind second man, the big blind is usually double the small blind since this is mandatory membership of antes. , it is known in Texas Hold'em blinds.

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Starting hand (OpenHand): per person in each game of cards began to get two cards, called hole cards or starting hands, the other players can not see.

Flop (flop): the first three community cards called the flop.

Turn (turn): The fourth community card is called the turn.

The river (river): The fifth community card is called the river.

Fold (fold): Games Council waive the right to wait for the next innings.

Look cards (check): do not bet does not play cards, on the sidelines waiting for an opportunity.

Call (call): namely with the previous player bets the same amount of action

Raises (raise): pledged to increase the difficulty of watching brand, increase capital flows.

Showdown: theoretically Hold'em provides for betting after four showdown than the size of the players, if a player only halfway, then do not light card, direct game ends.

In English online casino to play Texas Hold'em vocabulary in English, Here I Translation:

English Hold'em term bilingual translation

Action called Notes / talk

Badbeat spectators - good hand someone else a chance at the crucial moment to defeat card.

The body of the game in chips - Bankroll capital

BettingRounds betting circle - each one hand can be divided into four betting circle each turn bet by the button (dealer) players on the left side began to call note.

Pre-flop cards right / pre-flop - flop appear before the first round is called Notes.

Flopround flop - the first three community cards appear after betting circle.

Turnround turn - the fourth community card appear after betting circle.

Riverround river - the fifth community card appear later, that is, before the showdown bet circle.

Blinds blinds - at the beginning of each round, the table must have a "blind" This is Texas Hold'em rules mandatory bet on the player, in order to ensure that the "pot" (bonus for each hand). At least the number. Hold'em blinds are generally paid by two buttons on the left.

Blufffactor fraud - risking a lot of chips in the absence of any chance of winning the case, the bluff.

Board mesa - refers to the five community cards on the table.

Flop flop - the first three community cards

Turn The turn - the fourth community card

River river - the fifth community card

Bust out - put chips all around gambled, was boom or hand game

Button Button (dealer) - each turn is determined by the order of betting the dealer "button" position which is a sign held by a player each turn clockwise turn bet by the players start button to the left...

Cap cap - Each bet plus three raises allowed only ring three times, then reach the peak.

Cracked break - when a pair of nice pocket A was defeated, even if the pair A is "broken" the.

Connectors- order attached to the cards, such as J-10, AK, and 7-8.

Dominated disadvantage - complete disadvantage of hand such as AK cards will reap the advantages of AJ flop if there is a A, then AJ's kicker (J) is lower than the AK of "kicker" (K).. so little chance of winning.

Drawhand- need to flop a hand to support the cards, mostly likely to join in positive straight or flush cards, such as J and spade a spade 10A then the chances in the face of spades and hearts 8,9 A. Then again there is a 7 or Q will be able to make up straight, or you can have any one spade a flush. Otherwise, these two cards is almost worthless.

Drawingdead reached a dead end - a flop even if not fully appear, it has been concluded that there is no chance of winning a hand.

Edge Advantage - competition in the long, greatly reduce the element of luck, but a master can still use other techniques such as, number and location of chips and other advantages to defeat opponents.

Grinder dawdle home - a careful, little by little "grinding" out of the results to players.

Fish Fish - generally those not afford to lose good players, bad players of brand products derogatory names.

Freeroll "Ferrer" free competition - do not spend money to participate in a free poker tournament.

Heads-up heads-up - one of two poker game.

Holecards cards - everyone at the Board began to get the cards, also known as "pocket" card.

Kicker kicker - if two players also have one pair of "A", or as good as any pair, three and so on, then have a larger "kicker" (ie unpaired largest card) players win, the opponent, "trampled underfoot."

Limit Limit - the big blind stakes Board which represents the minimum bet limits, also shows the size of a hand playing a $ 50 hand capital needed is certainly better than playing with a $ 0.50 more than they need. many.

Nuts nuts. - Contribute to the best into the hands of a group of cards, for example, if you J, 10, then 7,8,9 flop will give you the best straight does not mean you can not win- Because if the next one 9 again, the players have a pair of pocket 9 there are four 9, your hand is not as good as his.

Position location - the relative position of a player on the button with the button for Chuang, everyone can follow to change the location.

Early front - the first three seats left button, that is not conducive to the players the most seats.

Middle middle - buttons on the left side of the fourth to seventh place.

After Late rely - the eighth and ninth seat two seats of the players because they can be made after observing others making decisions, it is more dominant.

Onthebutton button - this is the audience the most favorable position.

Open-endedstraight- can be translated into "live end" of the straight. That is two can make up any card straight into the hands of a. Suppose someone has a K, Q, flop, there are J, 10, the connection either end of the card ?? A or 9 are likely to make up a straight.

Outs way - several ways a player can win a stage such as a player has a pair of pocket 9's need to win more than a 9, he had two "way out" (the remaining two colors 9).

Higher than the tops of the community cards Overcard- pocket cards. Pocket A, K is 5,7, J flop Overcard.

Pocketpair pocket pairs? Two equivalent cards, such as AA, KK, 77 or 22.

Pot Pot - the total amount of chips in each hand everyone has bet, that is the number of the council's prize.

Rag rag - a low value and most do not affect the outcome of the flop.

Course fee Poker Hall extraction winner of each game in the regular game of Texas Hold'em tournament rule - Rake commission.

Ringgame regular game - the non-single-table tournament game players win or lose revenue in accordance with each Board be independent of each hand is seated players can join the game at any time, you can leave at any time....

Aset even set - a pocket pair in the equivalent of a flop hit, when to make up 103, it "has become a set."

Showdown Showdown - After the final lap betting still no one to give up, we have to face, "showdown", the cards come out brighter than compete with.

Side-Pot edge pool - when someone moved all the time, a side pot will form the edge pool that contains up to this time have bet all the chips all-in if the players win this bureau, only. take the side of the pool to win the prize, but not should go after him shoved the rest plus the bet.

Startinghand starting hand - that is, not allowing people to see each player's cards.

Steam smoke - Qiqiaoshengyan, loss of control and random play.

Streak- into the continuous fighting and winning the state.

Suited / offsuit flush / Noise - Refers starting hand where two cards whether they are the same color or different.

He tells himself away - a player subconsciously brought to light the mystery of habitual petty namely exposed "himself away."

Tilt Tilt - Play like a madman casually general upset in a row after losing the start.

Trap set Trap - inducing others to fill in the know certain to win the case, in order to increase their will win the pot (bonus) amount.

I believe the term is understood to learning Texas Hold'em Texas Hold'em is very helpful to know these Texas Holdem terms will undoubtedly be less effective.

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