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Fruit machine winning tips

Fruit Machine (Fruit Machine) is generally a big rule, if the continuous emergence of small mango and small stars, five out of hands four times, then going to a big star! If consecutive Little Star (preferably 3,4 The consecutive), or straight out of the 3,4 to Xiaoju Zi, then going to a big watermelon! if straight out of a small 7, (preferably 4 consecutive to above), in the middle appears to be a small mango, so going to a big 7 it! If consecutive apples, 10 out of the hands of five or more, then going up in smoke and the BAR winning if the first out of the 25 times, then the future will be out, but not more than 15 hand, the probability is 60% 4.A big bell, big orange, mango are all great if two consecutive put bells and the like, then the future will be out for a while, and then the class while big of 7.This is an opportunity for the machine to send points in time to catch it! 5.The case is to send the prize money each of your 20 points or more substantially pressure, and lose points out many cases, and in case called a jackpot, after the half-hour time will appear in Before you start jumping digital press and hold the start button, usually a large number.Compliance at five steps, you will definitely succeed:

Run in the bottom right corner of the third number of apples, charge method: 50 points orange, papaya, watermelon 5 min 20 min 10 min binary; 2 that can run under several third upper corner on a small watermelon, charge method: binary 40 points, 50 points papaya, apple bell 50 points 30 points; 3 run on a small bell is second from the top left corner next, bet France: Orange 50 fight, fight 20 papaya, apple 50 minutes, watermelon 15 points; 4. Apple is running on a small number of upper-right corner after the second, charge method: watermelon 50 points, 50 papaya, orange binary 35 points 40 points; 5 running jump in the right light, Apple 50 papaya 10.

Step 5 above as the finish may not run again once resumed points. Winning rate of 85 percent, two people fight this machine the best fight, someone bet you do not bet, may be allowed to see an empty one to two, when even open 6 apples nowadays can bet the day the door, risking 10 points can be opened, not to say more than 10 points after the opening bell after a small orange 65 percent chance of watermelon, apple 20% 10% 5% papaya papaya 30% open small apple Orange Big Apple 40% 15% 10% watermelon binary 5%, after a small watermelon, papaya open binary 25% 25% 30% apples oranges 20% after the opening bell small orange oranges 30% 60% 5% apple watermelon 5% charge points available according to the five steps to charge.

How to see whether the machine eat point: When the above conditions are met in step 5 step out when a small twin 7, and then ran out of charge Apple's 50 points in any one of the Big Three small timesharing (small watermelon; small binary; small double 7 ) loom to start eating points, then you can stop at first to see someone else play, when the machine fired three apples when no charge and you can start to play.

When the color of law to fight to the middle position, large lantern, you note! If two of the three consecutive lights turn off, then this machine is to eat sub-state, for the machine it, or how much to send it to eat! If you play color hit the big bell, then within 3 will be a big hand or a big orange bell, the probability is 60%! If you hit the big mango, then after a hand may still be large mango, or the machine is about to eat a sub-state ! CAUTION! If you hit the big star of the class, then the next there will be a few big out! If you hit the apple, and is played with two apples !! so the machine will be a winning hand of BAR in 15 probability of 70% ʱ??

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