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Feng Yun works: "Baccarat winning formula" strongly recommend betting guide !!! [six]

Unknowingly "Baccarat After winning formula "has been written off for almost a week. I received a lot of encouragement during my post, e-mail, so I think there's friends, most studious, tireless. I hope they read Fung's presentation, Their techniques will help.

Mr. Feng Yun is a smart guy, he knew in Casino Combat is not hard touch with the dealer's. "Wildly increase the stakes" is one of the most failed action Usually gamblers. Fung In view of this, he only uses two straight cable, the maximum bet only two base code.

Some people want to beat Baccarat mathematical calculation, this possibility is little reason: no matter how you design the essence of mathematics, one when the stakes go to vote, you will have "victory" or "negative" Two possible example: with 1, 2, 4, 8 straight cable, every shop win, there may be a revenue base code, but we can not win the disc counting the interests of each of our betting shop , there is about a 50% probability to lose. If we lose, it is a method to increase the stakes, it is sure to lose the more bigger, it is wise do not take.

Usual math people, often underestimate the probability of losing may cause errors such as: cable in four straight years, the probability of losing is 1/16, or 6.25 percent, some people will be naive enough to think: will play one hundred shop lose 6 shop, cable break chance is very small, afraid of? but played baccarat people will have experience to know the cable break occurs at any time, hard to detect, and sometimes is continuous mathematical terms only the probability of the emergence of opportunities closer to the rate of only occur when many times.

I remember some time ago I taught a friend go to the casino with a flat note striving hard, stop-loss position is ten shop, each shop lost a base code, that is, the probability is that he lost 1/1024, or 0.098%. If the illuminated surface Look, he bet 100 times nor will all lose 1 to 10 base code, but Baccarat is impossible to estimate from a mathematical perspective, the day he came back and told me he was a total of 20 shop straight sets, total lose 20 base code, I counted a meter, or 1/1048576 probability is 0.000095%.

Mathematics tells us that the probability is very difficult to lose, but Baccarat has easily do ye not surprising that this odd?

Anti Buy

Under any circumstances, we need to buy on the anti-anti-buy, but still dark in order to buy the main positive (except compartment Heat Team).

Anti-buy when the original (n buy) should raise when you want to add, when the former to stop, to stop.

After the second stop losing streak, when recording to the original formula (n buy) only won three times, then the formula positive reply from trans buy buy Again positive return over use.

Anti-buy for the first time (shop) with a flat note, if the first (shop) that is lost, immediately stop, and then observed at least twice, a total of at least three times to stop. At this time, although not betting, but do record the heart Suppose still betting until when to see win, only then formally Betting (eg still not win, bet on the delay, can not irritable).


Zhuang (first spread village, the main objective buy Trang)

Blazing (idle stop) Busy (the other three opened, so filling with the fourth shop to buy)


Busy (emergence - - + - -, contrary bets, should be added to the increase should stop then stop.)


Blazing (where the original formula lost 1, 2, but did win the trans-1 + 2 = 3)

Zhuang (Since the original formula lost two shop, so this shop to stop)



Chapter 5: Betting formula formulas

1. A Founding, see open-what, with buy-what;

2. fired by sudden billing, immediately transfer target;

3. To lose a buy two, lose two namely stop a shop;

4. The "lose, lose, win, lose, lose" or "four straight sets" use all formula contrary, should stop by the stop;

5. The four open even see with the buy-what-what;

6. Even after opening the other three, filling with buy;

7. The two sides are billed to the first billing dominated;

8. Heat Team four times after the interval, with the buy, but not anti-buy.

Please keep in mind the above items.

Remember: Each win three injection immediately close hand, play another new station.

Using "PLAY Law", contrary to the formula used, and so on so will be losing hand into a winning result, so that we will greatly increase the chance of winning long-term so that this method can be invincible!

This is the perfect place to mix formula with "PLAY Law", and the stakes with little, because people will not lose a lot of money and irritation, but will not lose all the capital in one breath --- --it's out of the question!

This is the safest bet, you may not lose all of the capital, unless you send nerve, once all the costs to buy it, if you do, I can only wish you good luck.

We gamble, not to gamble or bet on a temporary shop, we want to gamble are:! I, I want to bet money, I want to win money, must not be to gamble!

If you bet on a shop, do not have to use the formula, close my eyes, the blind will bet a shop card, win-lose it, you must remember:! Do not gamble, not greedy, not too fast Now that we have mastered the biggest advantage! , you can slowly win, add up, develop savings habits, without long, you can get rich it!



Since the "Baccarat winning formula" log out, I received a lot of support and encouragement to my e-mail, in addition to very grateful to them, but I promised them that some of the full set of "winning Cheats" open up, so that all users have the opportunity to Feng first to appreciate the works.

I am a loving person study gambling skills. Read a lot about Gambling Books, but also learn a lot of methods of gambling, of which there are many ways are good, workable, I would be happy to introduce to a friend. Bad, unworkable, I will truthfully tell them, advised them not to use the wrong Methods.

?. You can bet on whether the winning long-term answer is yes, but on condition that: You must go through the proper learning and training someone will ask me: Since you say you can bet winning, why you can not rely on gambling became a millionaire, endless pleasure, still see you every day to stay in Haiyan net muck, it's not a good proof: you are a big loser it?

My answer is very simple: I go to the casino, not by luck winning luck who can gamble with rich overnight, but there may be poor when they become depleted night my luck winning method. , is the use of lead in my cut Heqing, so every win is not a lot. When I'm behind I buckled down, step by step to win back the lost money. I was brought up it was already a professional gambler, casino "Wen Shi," understands the casino to operate as much as possible to be "invisible man" is the long-term survival of the road at the casino.

Yesterday, I said, "data" Some mathematics, is misleading us. Just think, only 0.000095 percent chance rates will lose, my friend actually spread easily lose twenty straight sets to go. We can say the winning, or or negative rates, should be subject to the results of a single shop, for example: betting busy village, every shop should do a unit, must not be in three or four shop shop as a group, using those what Martin (Martingale) method to Big Bo little exaggerated to winning, in fact, deceive yourself of miles!

If I say to you, my method, 90% can be winning, should be in the 100 betting shop, I can do the Wynn which 90 shops, is 90% of the true meaning can win. But if I said to you My method, there can be higher than 98% winning percentage, however, to within six shop must win one shop job, to win, you only win one base code, the loser will lose 63 base code. So I The method is just a fun way to lie and carry on.

Another method can be misleading, may not know is that gambling "repeated law." For example casino opened village, busy, busy, Zhuang Zhuang, leisure six shop license, someone came up with a "smart" way, hope "Regulations" casino opened this result is repeated once again. In his mind, this is a very high degree of difficulty.

In fact, the punter to do so and without the slightest priority, this repetition of probability, it is only 1/64, so please those who love gambling laws repeat, not wishful thinking to think: see out of the village, busy, busy, village Zhuang, leisure, buy anti, free, Zhuang Zhuang, busy, busy, village, thinking that the casino will "create" some difficulties, this is not true.

Chapter VI: How to win the pot of gold

If we bet this is sixteen thousand yuan. To do a basic two hundred yards, that is, we used to say in a note. Each station won three NOTE daily play four sets in the casino (time not for too long, to maintain law awake, do not fatigue), the daily income of two thousand four hundred yuan (Maori).

Ten times a month to go to the casino, is twenty-four thousand yuan (Maori, because excluding transportation costs, meals, casino pumping).

$ 24,000.00 (profit) + $ 16,000.00 (bookie) = $ 40,000.00, plus twenty-four thousand yuan in the hands of sixteen thousand yuan, that is a total of four million.

Forty thousand yuan divided into eighty note for five hundred yuan a note. $ 40,000.00 / 80 = $ 500

Each note still win three, four play daily, daily income of $ 6,000 a month is sixty thousand yuan.

$ 60,000.00 (new profit) + $ 40,000.00 (bookie) = $ 100,000.00 sixty thousand yuan plus forty thousand yuan capital is one hundred thousand yuan.

One hundred thousand yuan divided eighty Note, $ 1,000 as a note, the daily income of twelve thousand yuan, has one hundred and twenty thousand yuan a month income, and so on.

Does not require fast, to add up. This is how we go step by step. Do not delusional Day win thousands. That is unrealistic.

This formula has been tested by me before, but also the practical application of thousands of times, it has been proved that more than ninety percent success rate.

Please do students must rule according to the formula. Can not try to be smart, casually change the rules, otherwise the consequences.

We must strive to practice in the home, until cooked tame Not familiar with those, do not hurry, slowly continue to practice at home, by a strange turn since'll tame cooked, can be cooked in a clever student. Thank you.

Ye Tianlong brother:

Glad you gave me in terms of anti-bought a very valuable advice. Relevant at a disadvantage, should anti-buy, indeed there are two opposing views of the mainstream.

In favor of people think that since the wind is the reverse of the card, then go to the opposite of his own style of play, they can in turn would have to lose to win office are turned, the wind turned into the wind. This is generally when people use anti buy a subjective desire.

Against people, mostly due to highly failures, I am afraid for reverse buy, brand wind was followed reversed, like the formation of a "kill" power. Therefore, they oppose the anti-buy, advocated maintaining the status quo , a Palestinian from the left and right palm pain.

In fact, the reason the two parties are held fully Since baccarat out of the results unpredictable, good times or bad wind kept changing brand, is never able to move with a counter-buy on the problem can be solved.

Fung anti-buy, in addition to the target shifted outside, still kept records maintained a positive formula used to buy, not only suspend one to three shop approach as a buffer, but also have a positive record shop to buy a win after three Now back to the original goal continued after the war, so more flexible tactical flexibility, which may be compared with the use of anti-bought a trick act.

Of course, the idea leaves brother also have sufficient justifications. How to choose, or by a brother leaves you decide!

Each formula has a specific corresponding Fung of play, but he also set a rule, is to use his style of play, if the first paved lose, indicates that this road may be unreasonable, it is necessary to stop a stop, the formulas used to be seen to win a shop, and then continued the war. So, to find those formulas more complete "Achilles heel", there is a certain degree of difficulty!

Available we talk about it. We want to help one another in the case, and will improve our baccarat play better.

Ben brother:

Hello? "Baccarat winning formula" is written Fung Originally answer your questions by him is the most appropriate, but I believe he is no empty answer your question, which I had to answer you on his behalf, good ?

You ask, accompanied by 47 shop brand, which is 7 shop and office, and the remaining 40 shops, should be less than a shoe shop cards out of the total number, I guess, right?

For the convenience of explanation, I put you to my village busy recording plus numbers for identification:

1. X

2. OO


4. O

5. XXT


7. X

8. O


10. OT

11. XX

12. OOOT

13. XXXX

14. O

15. X

16. OO

17. XX

18. O

19. X

20. OT

21. XXX

Through observation, we can see there the following formula in this shoe brand in:

(1) Even after opening the billing 2, 46, 8 12, 14 16, 18

(2) The two parties fully open single 7, 814, 1518, 19

(3) Heat Team four compartments 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16, 18

(4) "- - + - -" or "- - - -" No

(5) four times without even opening

(6) the other party even opened three no (because every other Heat Team formula)

(7) Reverse buy no legal or PLAY

After analysis, we bet, as follows:

Feng Yun works: "Baccarat winning formula" strongly recommend betting guide !!! [a]

Feng Yun works: "Baccarat winning formula" strongly recommend betting guide !!! [two]

Feng Yun works: "Baccarat winning formula" strongly recommend betting guide !!! [three]

Feng Yun works: "Baccarat winning formula" strongly recommend betting guide !!! [four]

Feng Yun works: "Baccarat winning formula" strongly recommend betting guide !!! [five]

Feng Yun works: "Baccarat winning formula" strongly recommend betting guide !!! [six]

Feng Yun works: "Baccarat winning formula" strongly recommend betting guide !!! [seven]

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