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Foreign Gaming term bilingual translation and interpretation

Around the world, many places, gambling is a legitimate industry. The gaming industry, which, when faced with foreign tourists are generally used international common language, English. So, like play betting players can seriously He said about foreign gaming explanation, Zhi Buding day you go to the casino when playing abroad can lingua franca.

Blackjack (Blackjack): blackJack

Makers: dealer

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Wreath: faceCards

Expansion dead: bust

Players: player

Tie: push

Bet: wager

Bid: hit

Stop called: stand; stay

Double parked call: doubledown

Natural Blackjack, Black Jack: blackJack

Insurance: insurance

Scoreboard: split

Surrender: surrender

Odds: odds

Number of pay cards: decker

Card counting: cardcounting

Makers stop called: dealerstandson

Five cards automatically wins: FivecardCharlie

A brand surrender: Earlysurrenderagainstace

10:00 surrender: Earlysurrenderagainstten

After a pair of A scoreboard can add cards: Playermaydrawtosplitaces

Six brand automatic wins: SixcardCharlie

After a pair of A scoreboard can be subdivided card: Playermayresplitaces

After the two cards can still surrender to 10:00: Latesurrenderagainstten

Seven Card automatically wins: SixcardCharlie

After the two cards can still be on the A surrender: Latesurrenderagainstace

Only scoreboard into his hands: Resplittoonly2hands

The dealer does not check for a natural blackjack: A appears: No-peek: aceshowing

Players can double in 9-11 points: Playermaydoubleon9-11only

The dealer does not check for a natural blackjack: 10:00 appears: No-peek: tenshowing

Players can not scoreboard again: Playermaynotresplit

Players can not double after scoreboard: Playermaynotdoubleaftersplitting

Players can only double the 10 o'clock 11:00: Playermaydoubleon10,11only

Makers soft 17:00 bid: Dealerhitsonsoft17

Natural blackjack pay 6: 5: Blackjackpays6-5

Players tie at 17:00 lose: Playerloses17ties

Players tie at 17, 18 points lost: Playerloses17,18ties

Players in the 17-19 tie output: Playerloses17-19ties]

Players in the 17-20 tie output: Playerloses17-20ties

Players in the 17-21 tie output: Playerloses17-21ties

Single-hand game: singlehand

Multi-hand game: Multiplehand

Draw Blackjack: BlackjackSwitch

Early surrender: earlysurrender

Later surrender: latesurrender

Super Seven: supersevens

Flush with: royalmatch

Wreath with flowers: royalmatch

Ordinary flush: easymatch

Streak: Streak

Greater than / less than 13: Over / Under13

Absolute Pair: pairsquare

Tie compensation: tiebet

Sweet 16:00: SweetSixteen

Challenge pairs: Dareanypair

Lady Luck: LadyLuck

Bonus Blackjack: BonusBlackjack

Jackpot Blackjack: progressiveblackjack

Three-pronged approach: threewayaction

Twin Blackjack: twinblackjack

Perfect Pair: PerfectPairs

Lucky Blackjack: BonanzaBlackjack

High / Low: Hi / LowPoker

7 Card Stud: 7cardsstud

Texas Flush: TexasHold'Em

Match Odds: button

Ante: ante

Blind: blind

Flop: theopen

Call: call

Raise: raise

See Note: check

Feng brand: fold

Total cards: communitycard

Flop: theflop

Rotary Hearth: theturn

Hedi: theriver

Cards: pocketcard

Numbers: doorcard

The third way: thirdstreet

Fourth Road: forthstreet

Fifth Road: fifthstreet

Sixth Road: sixthstreet

Turn: theturn

Triples point: trip (le)

First card: headcard

Flush: flush

Two can: draw

Junko: straight

Edge Zhang Shunzi: outsidestraight

In Zhang Shunzi: insidestraight

Show: tell

Bluff: bluff

Draw Poker: drawpoker

Flower card Flush: royalflush

Four different points: fourofakind

Full house: fullhouse

Universal brand: wildcard

Bystander: sittingout

Pot: thepot

Bye: pass

Toss card: discard

Draw: Replacements

Busy brand decided size: kicker

To hand: namecard

Bet: Roulette

Straight Note: Straightbet

Dispense: splitbet

Road Note: streetbet

Angle NOTE: cornerbet

Line Note: linebet

Column Note: columnbet

12 Note: dozenbet

Of Note: evenbet

Into the prison: enprison boson: crap

Throwing Hand: shooter

Appearances throw: comeoutroll

Trash: crap

The basic point: thepoint

Town dish: puck

By Note: Passbet

By line: passline

Not by injection: don'tpassbet

Not by line: don'tpassline

To Note: comebet

Do not come Note: don'tcomebet

Chance NOTE: Oddsbet

Pressure number NOTE: PlaceNumberbet

Prediction NOTE: prepositionbet

Put Note: Placebet

Buy Note: buybet

Set Note: laybet

Loss Note: lostbet

Sidebar: PutBet

Big 6: big6

Big 8: big8

Hard 4: hard4

Hard 6: hard6

Hard 8: hard8

Hard 10: hard10

Easy 4: easy4

Easy 6: easy6

Easy 8: easy8

Easy 10: easy10

Any trash Note: AnyCrapsbet

Range Note: fieldbet

Jump Note: hopbet

Angle NOTE: hornbet

Bet 2: 2bet

Bet 3: 3bet

Bet 7: 7bet

Bet 11: 11bet

Bet 12: 12bet

Set NOTE chance NOTE: layodds

Buy NOTE chance NOTE: buyodds

Win NOTE: winbet

Infusion: losebet

One hundred le:

Tie NOTE: Tiebet

Trend: RidingTrends

Pai Gow: PaiGow

Low hand: lowhand

Before hand: fronthand

Master: highhand

FLAC: backhand

Foul: foul

Copy: copy

Cooperation Zuozhuang: co-bank

Generation do: houseway

Unknown Pleasures: letitride; freeride

Bonus: bonus

Side note: Sidebet

Poker inverted flower: Pokerpersuit

Caribbean Poker: CaribbeanPoker

Called: call

Qualified: qualify

The prize pool games: progressivegame

Network Flush: cyberstud

Cumulative award island Flush Poker: IslandProgressiveStudPoker

Video Poker: videopoker

Jack and Better: Jackorbetter

Universal points: Ducewild

Full American-style: allamerican

Universal Clown: Jokerwild

Five different points: fiveofakind

A and wreath: AcesandFaces

10:00 or better: tenorbetter

Universal 2:00 and Joker Brand: Deucesandjokerwild

Dual universal clown: Doublejoker

Double bonus: doublebonus

Grand Prize: superjackpot

Double: doubleup

Halved doubled: halfdoubleup

Big wrench: Megajack

Bonus Poker: BonusPoker

Universal 7:00: Sevenswild

Easy 2:00: loosedeuces

Full embrace Poker: Pick'emPoker

Bonus Universal 2:00: bonusDucewild

A and 8: Acesandeights

Bonus Poker Deluxe: BonusPokerDeluxe

Bonus spades: bonusspades

Shock: shockwaves

Double turn: doubleup

Slots: slot

Wheel: wheel

Paylines: payline

Song: loose

Tight: tight

Downtown: strip

Non-downtown: offstrip

Downtown: downtown

Turn: spin

Symbol: symbol

Dynamic Slot Machine: variableslot

Betting: sicbo

Boson point value: DiceFace

Two dice point values: TwoFaces

The total point value: totals

Bet Size: smallorbig

Triples specific points: triple

Any Triples point: anytriple

Two combinations: Twoofakind

Golden Road: keno

Option 13: Pick13

Option: pick

Red Dog: reddog

Span: spread

Tie: tie

Betting method: bettingsystem

The opportunity to mature theory: thedoctrineofthematurityofthechances

Monte Carlo fallacy: MonteCarlofallacy

The trick system times NOTE: Martingalesystem

Cancel betting method: Thecancellationbettingsystem

Old people dice bet method: AnOldTimer'sGuidetoBeatingtheCrapsTable

Chaos theory: chaos

Fractal theory: fractal3-5-7

Poker: 3-5-7Poker

Surrender: surrender

Electronic Racing: derby

Bet on the first two: quinella

Poker Battle: casinowar; battle, royale


Real money mode: realmode; playforreal

Entertainment Mode: funmode; playforfun

Killer Whale: killerwhale

Money Roulette: moneywheel

Double Six: Big6

Scratch: scratchcard

Three card poker: threecardpoker

Ante: ante

Of Note: pairplus

Caribbean 21: Caribbean21

Float: Pontoon

Spain 21: Spanish Blackjack

All bright Blackjack: DoubleExposure

Super 21: Super21

Bingo: Bingo

Crazy T type: CrazyT's

Crazy L type: CrazyL's

Crazy U type: CrazyU's

Super Bingo: SuperBingo

Pinball game: Pachinko

Ace combination: KingoftheDeck

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