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Japan Mahjong Chinese terms explained

Mahjong can be said that China has a contribution to the world, between work, friends lobbied for a table for four can be opened. Mahjong game spread to all over the world also changes in a variety of slightly changing the rules of play and , such as Japan mahjong. Mahjong today just as we talk about Japan, look at Japan Mahjong Mahjong terminology terminology and what China's not the same place.

1. with brand: the order several times before the start of the 13 cards has tangible person

2. Junko: same suit, connected to form a group of three

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3. pung: Three cards of the same composition of a group

The thick stick: the same card form a group of four

5. Face: include straight, pung, thick stick

6. Cards: mahjong head, a pair of identical cards

Note: The above Japanese mahjong terminology card type are considered to be placed together

7. Winds: including the "East, South, West, North," four kinds of cards

8. Dragons: include ", the hair, the white" three kinds of brand

9. plates: Includes all the "Winds" and "Three card"

10. The old man Cards: including the "ten thousand, 90,000 unitary chicken, nine, a cylinder, nine cylinder" six kinds of cards

11. The unitary nine cards: Includes all the "old card" and "plate"

12. in cards include: 2-80000, two to eight cartridges, two to eight

13. Number of cards: includes all Wan Zi, cheese, slivers

To pair getting played on the home straight Minato cards (only allowed to play cards on the home just carried), referred to "eat" can not eat before the cards are drawn, a license to eat: - 14. license to eat (chi). Junko flashed, and get to the other two cards of the cross on the left after eating cards to play a card

15. The pong (Polyster nn): Get someone to play cards Minato pung (only others were just playing cards), referred to as "touch" than eating licensing priority can not touch the cards are drawn before, when you want to touch the cards. pung pair flashed. If you obtain the card is placed horizontally on the left side of the home that card, if the home is to get cards that card is placed horizontally in the middle, if you get the lower house of cards is horizontal put that card on the right side after the touch cards to play a card

16. The bar card (grades nn): showed thick stick, referred to as "bar" includes bright bars, dark bars, bright bars is divided into Daming bars, plus bars after each bar license, dealer bars touch into a Ridge cards , then depending on the circumstances play a card, or Zimo and cards, or cards again bar (if bar card again, it is necessary Ridge touching a card, then the next action depending on the circumstances)

17. and brand: own brand to meet "one of the card," plus "four face" if the court has left thousands of little stand straight stick, the stick is whether those who come up with points, all owned and dealer. If there is the dealer, the dealer and the dealer even the village, otherwise the dealer the next village

18. draws: the lack of a valid card only can the state and the lack of brand licensing the brand is what they hear

19. The food and (Micron): After listening to their own cards, listen to others play the cards (only allows others were just playing cards), so that their own and cards, known as the "wing and" mahjong terminology in Japanese food. and not to be considered as a license to eat, touch the cards. than eating licensing, pong, Ming dynasty bars priority

20. Point gun: he played the cards that others listen, so that others and licensing

21. Zimo (tsu holds): After listening to their own brand, its own touch by listening to the card, so that their licensing and

22. The next moment: Through touch the cards or food and obtained pung, additional bars can also count Ming Ming engraved

23. dark moment: he touched the pung (not by touch or eat and get cards), while dark bars can also be considered a dark moment

24. Daming bar: dark carved their own hands, and then get someone else to play the cards Minato thick stick (only allows others were just playing cards), can not be drawn in priority than eating licensing Daming bar is on the front if getting home. The leftmost card is placed horizontally that card, if the home is to get cards is placed horizontally in the middle two cards in any one, if you get the card is placed horizontally under the house goes on the far right hand ( part of the game, the Japanese mahjong terminology Ming dynasty bar pendulum method similar to the Canadian bar

25. Dark bars: thick stick in touch all four cards by themselves first of all flashed cards at the bar, and then covered with about brand across the middle of the two cards remain flashed state, instead of four cards. All covered (part of the game, the middle of two dark bars horizontally). Dark bars are drawn only in their own (including touch Ridge brand) after not not Mopai proceeds can not eat in your own cards, touch After the cards were, plus bars, too

26 plus bars: they have had a touch cards, and then come the same cards from fourth in his hand, touch the cards to make up the While taping, the Japanese mahjong term known as "Xiao Ming bars" plus bars when To the front of the same brand at the time of the fourth put the card horizontally pong

27. The front clear: hand there has been no license to eat, touch cards, and there is no bright bars (dark bars can have, you can eat and not have to Zimo and licensing restrictions)

28.Stand straight (ri - chi): the hand is "in front of clear" state, called in when a draw stand straight (but not enforced), then play a card and horizontally (This card is called the Declaration stand straight cards), determined stand straight Declaration brand after being food and not the stand straight then set up (if stand straight Declaration cards are eating others, touch, Daming bars, which stand straight The same is true, the next time you play cards to be placed horizontally, but this horizontally card only Declaration licensing legislation marked the straight position, no longer stand straight Declaration brand itself).After the establishment of stand straight, stand straight man called out a thousand little stick placed in front of his own play cards.After the establishment of stand straight, I could not eat, touch, bright bars and for a license (ie must touch which stand straight after which Zhang Zhang beat) until food and or Zimo.After allowed to stand straight dark bar, but just touch the card must be included in the dark bars, and just touch the cards except for the dark bars and the other three cards must be interpreted only as a dark moment, you can not have any other of explanations

29. Flow Bureau: nobody winning hand in hand

30. The field: In the beginning of this field is zero, and if someone cards, and have the dealer and the dealer (dealer and brand even the village), the increase in the number of the field 1 (can be repeated accumulate, often referred to as a field , two of the games, three games ......). If the dealer and the dealer does not contain, the dealer the next village, the field number back to 0

These are the Japanese mahjong terminology I give you today collated.

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