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Golden tie some of the classic term

1 winner: the last round to win users, you can get the upper hand cards.

2, the bottom of the pot: each user's initial betting chips, the same per game.

3, the minimum raise: raise the minimum amount each time.

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4. Minimum bet: Each betting minimum.

5, Max Bet: The maximum limit for each bet.

6, capped: Each bureau can bet the upper limit of the sum of chips.

7, dark Note: does not read the cards betting chips.

8, Ming NOTE: After looking bet, chips dark Bet doubled.

9, with the note: inputs and the home as many chips.

10, filling: Increase betting chips on the basis of the betting house.

11, to give: give up already betting chips, sentenced to lose.

12, Max: The maximum bet limit.

13 straight closure: Games parties in this cast the same chips, one can reach the cap.

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