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Baccarat gamblers law of occupation

After further careful study, Wu finally understand this "masterpiece of the law." Won everyone happy, lost blame "can get see" the.

This method is designed to fight Johnson.Within 20 of, it can be profitable even if there is one, do not mind pumping.To remember it, a few more charge.Bet way to tie people first twenty minutes five programs, namely the Department of every four a program to buy long Zhuang Zhuang case open on starting margin, according to a base code calculate the following first program: four to open up Results 1 long village = two doubles = + 6 = a Tri Trang a busy MARBLE = + 2 Zhuang two doubles leisure = a + 1 = a busy Zhuang a busy = + 1 two idle Zhuang = + 1 = -4 village all lose a single hop = -2 Shozo leisure = -2.The second program: all lose if the first program, a total of four yards.A dozen yards from the base, in case of open village hit four.So even if there is a win all lose, but also won a group code.The third program: If the first two procedures all lose a total of 10 yards.From playing three groups code points, such as the case of open village hit 8.So even if there is a win all lose, but also won a group code.The fourth program: If the three programs all lose a total of 22 yards.Playing six months from the base code, in case of open-hit village 17.So even if there is a win all lose, but also won a group code.The fifth program: If you lose all four programs, a total of 46 yards.Playing 12 yards from a group, such as the case open village hit 35.So even if there is a win all lose, but also won a group code.If the five program lost a total of 94 yards all lose.100 yards principal also more than six yards for travel money.I believe that this termite ant technology is the most optimal allocation.Enlightenment see people who do not oppose it?You have other termite ant distribution technology it?

Baccarat The occupation gamblers law

The correct method is:

The first port with a basic code to buy B,

Such as lost, the second port with two basic code to buy P

As lose, and the third port with four basic code to buy P

As they lose, and the fourth port with eight basic code to buy P

Any more than the first time won the return port

BPPP or BPPB actually are similar or even deal with long single jump.

Just BPPP relatively easy to remember, to avoid mistakes. Especially when you're in the fast open place bet.

When using 2000 as a starting base code, note the code law straight 1,2,4,8

Later, several third formula Served (ie 8000), turn stakes as 1,2,3,5,9, served as the fifth formula (18,000), the next note row 4 type (that is, 10000), and then the next Note whether the results back to the first type.

Shortly after the evening turn injection method left open bar long village, in the 7-8 opening first one (2000 a) Cumulative about 30,007 to leave. Whole grain around the clock?

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