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Share combat long win French roulette

I have Rotary table Good play, a few months consecutive profitable high winning percentage, come up and share with you, I hope to bring some friends who love roulette dawn of it. However, this method is suitable for real Casino Must have multiple table. I talk about the road, hoping to record many friends on hand wheel test to see whether the Right.

The basic card type as follows:

1,2,3 representatives of the three zones, or three lines, the effect is equivalent, but the personal feeling of the three zones and more accurate than the result of three lines.

When the card type occurs when 1212 or 1313 or 2323, in which the three districts card type has a variety of combinations, what 2121,3131,3232 apply.

3, 9 fight with two cable law.For example, by 1212 appear to play 2,3 1 yard area, if it continues the District 1 lost 2 yards, with three yards hit 1,3 Area.This method is the emergence 12121212 bane card type, based on my long test, the basic maximum hit 9 had to win, to win the majority of 1,3.By the way, I forgot to say that this play when you have to wait until 1212 or until 12121 more secure when shot, I usually 1212 shot up to three times to get the chase.Losing three times in total loss of 26 yards, but when you lose, it will have to win more than 26 yards, this play-off cable low probability, but it did for real casino Taiwan, because to wait for the opportunity to sell.Press 6 table calculation, one hour card type appeared around 1212 an average of five times in total.

We do have many Roulette can look at my record you were right. This method is a long-term fight for a long time will be profitable.

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