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What is Macau casino Mud code?

Macau gambling going to bet! Macau is one of the world's three, and now revenue revenue of Macau has already surpassed Las Vegas to Macau real casino how to play? Macau casino reality the most common is to use the cash conversion into chips play. What is mud code? What is the difference and chips?

Mud code and cash code What is the difference

The so-called "mud code" is a bet can only be used, and can not be used to redeem cash roulette chips. Since Macau each Duting (lounge) in all tables play, therefore, "mud code" Use only the baccarat tables. "Mud code" is a hall of a yard, "mud code" has its own flag each Duting In this Duting swapped out "mud code", only in the Duting bet, but can not get other Duting gamble. and "mud code" corresponding to the "cash code" that can be used to bet, also be used to exchange cash chips.

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What is the wash code and wash yards rebates

You bet on the table, when the mud yard lost casinos will be taken away, when a win would pay cash casino code to you and you a chance to win cash code enchant this cash, gambling mud code table bet profit into cash code process called wash code.Wash That code commission rebate code proportion, that a certain amount of code to wash the guests returned to the commission rate, generally 100,000 to wash code amount as the basic unit of code commission.1 in yards commission.2% for example, that 100,000 of the amount of washing yards, the guests returned to the commission 1200.If the commission code is 1000 + 100, refers to the code commission ratio is 1%, that is 100,000 yards per wash, the guests returned to the code commission is 1,000 yuan in cash plus $ 100 Duting coupons (coupons can Duting designated hotels for booking and dining).

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