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Zhang John talk about blackjack card counting technique (on)

Movie "winning blackjack" describes a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students were organized to a professor casino blackjack card counting to win.

Film according to Chinese Zhang John (John Chang) and Kevin Ma true story movie HISTORY Kay Bin namely good speech professor John Zhang.

Real life John Zhang old student, computer statistics Jinian 10 years to graduate. Blackjack card counting to win from the 1962 MIT professor Edward. Thorpe, MIT student mathematical good many years ago it was an informal club card counting train students to count cards.

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John Zhang was attracted to join a company soon to show his genius to count cards, by counting cards earned more than the seniors graduated. Card counting profits high, Zhang John school altogether slowly become even card counting club instructor.

In addition to practicing card counting Zhang John also "cut card": casino provision of at least 52 players cut cards (players first cut, cut after the card will be cut first moved to cards, the dealer will cut off card card card on the first approximately four and a half (if using six cards) place.

Players cut cards when the dealer if not the bottom card cover (when the dealer does not cover most of the card), players can use to accurately cut card (target cut 52) ​​profit.

For example the cards are A, cut 52 players (skilled possible cut of 51-53), after the cut card from 51-53 Zhang debut fight card "A", to be closer to 51 players nowadays three big bets, Take A note to that average profit of 51%. If the big bet at $ 1,000, to get that door A win $ 520 on average, lost a total of about another two-door (1%) 20 yuan!

An average of 13 boxes cards, the cards have an A, 4 ten - (10 players take on average earn 32 percent), cut a prospective large (3000) 1 hour average (light cut card) can earn more than 200 US dollars.

John Zhang cut Shuangjue casino operator can not long tolerate his pseudonym, makeup, became a big hit MIT graduate or blacklist.

After graduation, he also wanted to work repented into a network company. Worked three months to leave the company with the boss fight, he took the $ 500,000 severance pay, stock options with the network company payroll, and later the company was acquired by Microsoft.

MIT card counting many Rotarians have graduated employment, Zhang John then organize their weekends and vacations to Las Vegas "work", 10 years, more than 200 development team mate won about $ 20 million 10 years later and halfway US casinos to blacklist Under the ban big bet against card counting team. Zhang John then spent more time managing assets.

Recently I found him to discuss with me the e-mail card counting, which reads as follows:

Casino card counting technique is actually a big beneficiary.

Before surgery did not invent card counting blackjack casino flutter just play. Play dice play than people (Craps) and less wheel.

Card counting technique started to make casino scared, but later found that most people do not bother to learn.

"Blackjack card counting can beat" concept with the operator of the spread of brand book, make a blackjack to become the most popular American casino gambling drama, because most people have heard of blackjack can win, and admission own (than average) smart card counting too lazy to learn to play blackjack, the results of the casino earn more!

Of course, some people bought the book on the plane, the results of a large increase in confidence to play big.

Some people do not learn just because I heard that blackjack is most likely to win while playing blackjack ... is not going to play blackjack because people make mistakes more likely than other gambling drama lose him to play more. History often repeats. At present, many Chinese playing baccarat future with card counting technique spread, some people may change to play blackjack, do not repeat it.

Or suggest that you practice more on the table, tired do not serve, remember there are a lot of interference within the casino will distract you.

Teams can accelerate growth, but not necessarily participate to get young people more willing to spend energy trying to make money to learn to count cards, may be lower than 50 will, generally more than 60 can not learn.

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