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How to become a professional blackjack player

In most of the rules, a powerful player indeed win over Casino. The advantage of the following give some basic ideas how to become such a player:

A familiar Game Rule

Before you start the real Gambling Prior to make sure you are already familiar with the rules of the game. Although Blackjack The basic rules are the same, but in different casinos still exist some differences. These differences will be different degrees of impact you and your decisions, thereby affecting your income / loss.

Second, be familiar with the basic skills

Show statistically, it is a single inning, there is only one best play, we put this play is called basic skills or strategies. Skilled this basic technique is very important for each player, because all successful systems are based on it. If a player can perfectly perform basic skills, then the situation in which he was very close to the dealer, and the dealer are equal even game. Usually he has a disadvantage of about 1%, but if the more Under favorable rules, he may even occupy some advantages. You should make sure your basic skills are not in line with the rules of a specific casino game.

Third, learn how to wisely manage your property

Even the world's best blackjack players also after losing money on the stage, which is a scientific fact that no one can be avoided.

Many players also have the ability to not be familiar with this kind of "destruction element", they use gambling money, a percentage of their total assets is too large, and there is no defined upper limit.In bad times, they will inevitably lose all of their deposits, although they made when playing all the right decisions and anxious to know what went wrong.A smart player will know when to leave the casino know, when they lost to determine the number of chips, they will no longer continue to stay in that room a.For example, such a rule: only 1% of the total property you play, if you total the property is $ 10,000 then you can only play with $ 100.Of course you should develop one of their own rules, but remember to strictly enforce.If your skills so you have 1.5% advantage, then there is still the possibility of the presence of about 5% you will lose all your chips.When you increase your bet, you will chance to win more money, but you will also likely lose more money.Vice versa, when you reduce your bet, you expect to win the number will be reduced and you can also reduce the number of lost ...

Fourth, select a note card systems and skilled use

Most players play blackjack is not beyond basic skills.But there are many ways to go beyond the basic skills of the advantages that can be achieved is for the pros.Application card counting system you can get additional benefits and can really keep this advantage beyond the casino, which has been proven many players the.There are many card counting systems to choose from, generally believe that card counting system integrated the stronger the better.But not to say that only a comprehensive and strong card counting system can get beyond the casino's advantage.The more comprehensive and strong card counting system more difficult to grasp.You must clearly realize that if you are in 100 innings in 2-3 times as long as the mistakes will be lost to your advantage.If you use one you do not fully grasp the complexity of the system and that it would be better to use a simple system you can already perfect use of.

One of the easiest card counting is defined as: the brand 23,456 assigned to a 789 assigned to 0 -1 10-A assignment such systems become HI-LO system issued by crops. Brand continuous recording, you can find out what time cards in your favor when it goes against you. When you want to keep a record of the time you just remember a figure like after the reshuffle you have to clear the accumulated figures note card again. When you want the dealer licensing value of his cards issued by adding recorded.

To give an example: the first a game of cards issued by the dealer is 7,10,2,5,9 so if the application of this card counting system is so mind: -1 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 1 this one is you to remember numbers. card issued by the second inning is A, then that is the cumulative 2,5,10,2,8 -1 -1 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 0 = 2 then credited on the Board The number is 2 + 1 = 3 3 is what you want to remember this cumulative value, and so the cycle continues. When the accumulated value is positive when the remaining cards show more favorable than the average player. A negative value on behalf of the players are more favorable than the average. You should learn how to sustained note card and the speed at least able to keep up the rhythm of the dealer licensing.

If you know the dealer using several cards, then it is best, you can estimate the number of cards remaining, you know in the end would be more favorable or unfavorable, and synthesize accumulated value calculated best behavior.

Fifth, does the calculation of adjustments based on the size of the bet

Card counting can give players the biggest advantage is that he can adjust to the size of his bets based on that single factor. When the situation favorable for the players when he should be at bigger stakes, when adverse circumstances he should be smaller bets From the point of view during a long innings you lose may be greater than the number of innings you win, so you have to win this game you have to make great chips expected when you have a good time. You should be at least the maximum bet It is three times your minimum bet.

You bet the maximum and the minimum distance between the bigger stakes, the greater the profit you expect (of course, the right to judge the situation in the next).But also know that blackjack casino can be defeated in this way, you might cause the casino's attention if your bet is too large.Casino will be some action against you.First, the casino will happen is someone will stare at you.If they think you are counting cards and change your bet calculation, based on further action will occur, they will change the dealer, told the licensing issue to be fast, and you want more frequent shuffling.If you get too much they will let you into the blacklist and banned from entering the casino.

Six, based on your actions really calculate the adjustment.

You should understand that you can not use this to get more than the dealer's advantage.But professional players and semi-professional players count cards by adjusting their operational strategies to win additional benefits.Although if you only know the sign face in your hand and the dealer's cards when basic strategy or a technique to define the best possible behavior for each situation.But if you know some additional information, you may be able to make some favorable action to obtain benefits departure.For example, if you count cards, and now your hand card is 15:00 banker cards face is 2:00, the cumulative value you calculate is -2 There's only one card has not been made then it tells you the dealer's hidden card and the rest did not send that card certainly are between 2-6 cards (if you are using a HI-LO system).In accordance with the basic strategy you should stop for a brand because you know you can not stand but Cheng Si bust bust, so you should hit cards.This is an extreme example, but it illustrates how card counting system is affecting your strategy of playing.

Seven, select a more favorable rules casino (online casino, then should pay more attention to credit)

This is a rather important aspect, but if you are there on there is only one casino, then you do not have to bother. Bookmakers rule describes your advantage lies. A more favorable to teach you the rules, and you will in a long Period win more money.

Eight, if you are tired of the time to leave

This is because you only maintain a very slight advantage, they do not need to lose a lot of mistakes. When fatigue approached will increase your chances to make mistakes, which will produce unconsciously.

Nine, the time when you're playing with something, do not drink alcohol

Some casinos will offer some free alcoholic drinks to the players, because they know this is very detrimental to the player's discretion. Coffee bar ......

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