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Crazy Blackjack is played and traditional blackjack difference

First, Crazy Blackjack Game the goal

ʱ??Crazy Blackjack With the traditional Blackjack Similar games are played, the players want to win the hand, the hand of cards number must be greater than the dealer's cards points as close as possible but not more than blackjack blackjack game without bother the other players cards points, players only with points as against the dealer's cards, all players cards are cards face up.

· The game a total of eight cards boots card total of 416 cards, crazy blackjack play is simple, just above the goal of the game, with game instructions according to the player became a decision.

Second, blackjack glossary

BlackjackAcronym BJ, an A card and a card consisting 10:00 blackjack, the initial injection of 1 gold lost 1.5 Purse
BlackjackConsisting of more than two cards blackjack
BustAll hands together over twenty pips above is called bust, the player loses all initial and raise amounts
Seven DragonPlayers have got seven innings, but not bust the hand, such as making non Blackjack hand regardless of the number of points is greater than the dealer's cards, the initial injection of 1 lose 1 gold Purse
TieThe player and the dealer get Blackjack simultaneously or non-simultaneously BJ player and the dealer, but the same number of points, the council and the Board deemed the initial injection of gold and gold filling return
Hard cardsThe hand is no A or A license plate can only be calculated by 1:00
Soft cardThe hand A card can be 1:00 or 11:00 computing

Third, the Solitaire Points

· 2-10 Tap cards face value.

· J, Q, K calculated by 10:00.

· A calculation for 1 or 11:00, if coupled with 11:00 after becoming bust, press 1:00 calculations.

Fourth, the player chooses items crazy nine p.m.

The initial betLicensing bets before each game, the player must according to the Board on the player's preferences and betting tables within an acceptable limit, make the appropriate amount of bets
PairOptional bets each game before licensing, the player's first two cards if the pair can lose 11 1 payout, 10, J, Q, K considered different licensing
To brandPlayers choose one card to the next
Do cardsPlayers choose not to license, to then hand the number of points and making the final confrontation of points
InsuranceA dealer's first card is face time, with half the initial injection of gold bets insurance, making the final if it is BJ, the insurer NOTE lose two gold and one (which is equivalent to an initial injection of gold)
SurrenderJust distribute cards if the players feel the sign face is not good, you can choose to surrender the hand lose half the bet, the other players return half
Single cisFive or more than five points in a row of single-brand cards, but does not include the 2 and the king, such as 34567 or 10JQKA
FillThe initial injection can be made of gold increased after the first two cards do double the bet, but only then to a card, all the bet one lose one
One lose oneAs cards are Blackjack players council and the dealer's cards face is A, you can choose the bet payout immediately press one lose one, that is to give up the hand Blackjack payouts chance to get 1.5 times (if the dealer cards face is not A, you certainly You can do this, but who would do it?)

V. dealer to licensing rules

In any case the dealer can not choose whether or not to license, only in accordance with blackjack cases and mandatory if you want to brand, crazy blackjack dealer license using points equal to or less than 16 points must cards, card count is equal to or greater than 17:00 (including soft 17 or hard 17 points) must not Bo card.

Sixth, crazy blackjack rules of the game Introduction

In addition to the usual hand players bet, you can also bet [sub].

Players will distribute two cards face-up cards, the dealer will distribute cards a card face up.

Players After obtaining the initial license, you can choose to determine their own hand cards, all cards will be issued at this time on the real card tables public area. All card players will want to share with the community card, form their own hand against the dealer.

Without waiting for other players to choose from. Direct Select whether you want the next card. Select the next card will be issued after the suspension of the dealer, the dealer must continue if the Board Bo card until the end of the press card cases.

The Board concluded, insurance and settlement sub-bets and winnings.

Seven male card use

Players are independent of the dealer's hand confrontation, when the dealer sent cards after the first round, that a card dealer, after five players each two cards, after the whole school are well cards, public card usage rules when the player chooses not to license, the public will be sequentially assigned to the dealer card, the dealer press card cases card or do not want to brand until each player until the final results of the separation of the council.

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