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Two hundred eleven thousand hours of experience

Speaking of gaming experience from the flying experience, most recently when the hot topic as "card counting technique" and "gambling Tour", one comes to these two projects, we will naturally think of Thorpe and 戴子郎 the former published in 1962, "Beat the Dealer "a book, pointed out that blackjack card counting can be compromised, and the latter as the" God of Gamblers Taiwan ", both of skill, are extraordinary.

Like the flying experience, in addition to luck betting, also speaking experience, experience more, theoretically proportional to the skill, we look Daizi Lang, in his 14-year career in professional gamblers, traveled more than 60 countries, numerous small casino operations, he also accumulated over ten thousand hours of blackjack gaming experience, really over a million spread betting, bet if God.

Repeat with 10,000 hours in the same job or the same game, for the entire operation, should well aware, there are Paodingjieniu if the would 10,000 hours divided by 14 years, which is about 700 hours a year, 14 hours per week, 5 days of work per day for an average of around three hours, not much on the surface, it should be very easy, but cumulative, it will be very substantial.

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Today is to be noted, is a lot of blackjack card counting beginners are guilty too impatient problems, the world is not asking for the moon, the simple, such as "high, low" note card method, the "2-6" as small brand, "7-9" as a no to, "10, J, Q, K, A" as big, specify the actions plus one minus one, in the race to accelerate to normal speed, giving rise to pressure, let alone to taking into account the "real number" Note the use of codes.

In addition to the experience of combat, like pilots, like, before the formal licensing is to go through countless hours of theory, and flight training, in order to successfully put theory into practice, card counting technique is the same, there is no crash course, skill, need to accumulate bit by bit, some high and some talented people, put some, can be faster, some people never learn, halfway.

Some would say that every day I was sitting on the baccarat table, time frequently more than 10 hours, compared to eat and sleep more than 20, 30 years down the unmatched experience and mileage, and not see The Apprentice? This blind relevant first nature does not say whether the card game to break the road, but the focus of its own, is absolutely key to success, the experience meant to strike a progress continuous improvement.

Having to count cards, tell gambling trips.

Departure to the world is the dream of many people, the world famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology, producing a lot of mathematical talent, Manchester, England, Red Devil headquarters, is also worth pilgrimage, occasionally to avoid stressful life betting, Hokkaido June to August, the absolutely picturesque, paradise, we do not hurry to focus cumulative power.

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