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Blackjack players to count cards with the law and a progressive method and bookmakers betting game

A few days ago, the Discovery Channel saw about BlackjackGamblingGame The program, described how blackjack players Casino And making the game very interesting. So the collection and study of some relevant information.

1961 professor of mathematics at MIT Ed Thorp probability theory invented for BlackJack blackjack cards count method can improve the player's win rate. From then on, almost blackjack player wins one of the highest rates of gambling games of the early 1990s, a number of MIT students has organized a team in Las Vegas

Blackjack Total licensing law Is a method of calculating whether the remaining cards are high-card points or more low value cards more high card points is beneficial blackjack Player, multi-brand low value will benefit the dealer.

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Taking into account the implicit rule of blackjack if the dealer have got 16 points, the dealer must continue to brand many of the more than 10 points cards will increase the chance of a little more than twenty-dealer and lead banker lose the chance to improve . a low number of points cards will increase 20 or blackjack dealer to get the chance, it will not help to improve the participation of the Player and the Banker chance to win, in addition, a low point cards also will reduce you get Blackjack opportunity to.

Total allocation for each card a licensing law rule to calculate point values ​​may be plus or minus point point. When a new pair of cards began to wash recorded as 0:00. When starting the licensing, according to a predetermined number of points you add or subtract points rule This method of calculating points is called blackjack note card method. The following is a point to remember each card rules.

The actual card points2345678910JQKA
Note card points0+1+1+1+1000-1-1-1-10

Simply that, more than 10 cards in mind as -1 (minus 1), cards 3-6 is denoted as +1 (plus one), the remaining cards is negligible 0. Here is handed blackjack note card method examples.

Sent to the licensingNote card pointsPoints Calculation
First hand
Second hand

You see the second deck yet, a lot of 10 or more cards are sent out, so the points are calculated is negative, while the card when the hair is between 3-6, points are calculated on the positive. A negative The results of calculation points indicate the deck of the high points cards are issued much more cards left to be low points. A result of the calculation point positive number indicates that the low point of the deck cards are issued much was left high points cards and more.

Points are used to calculate whether the decision to bet, double, cross licensing or remained unchanged, you can decide how much to bet. When the number of cases under the brand remaining cards of high points, Player can lower high note, which will be improve dealer to get more than twenty one point (counterfeit) of probability. This can be used as you play blackjack basic strategy.

Another important factor is that the dealer may be sent to a certain brand then began to shuffle, which can be called the licensing rate. If the dealer made 75 percent of the cards began to shuffle, licensing rate is 75%. Licensing the higher the rate, the accuracy of the calculated point value will be higher you should avoid when licensing is less than 70% rate, a relatively high stakes.

Moreover, in many cases, multiple cards can be used together, which will adjust the final value of your expectations of calculation points, basically we calculate the number of points removed to number several pairs of cards. For example, if you calculate the number of points 10, if the two cards, the actual calculation of the number of points is 10/2 = 5, if it is four cards, it is 10/4 = 2.5.

Progressive betting law Is calculated based on the number of points to gradually adjust bets, as the next big bet to improve win rates below are calculated according to different points to wager examples (based on 10 dollars a Note)

Points CalculationBet multiplesBet calculationThe hand's wager
+111 X 1010 yuan
+2 To +322 X 1020 yuan
+4 To +533 X 1030 yuan
+6 To +744 X 1040 yuan
+8 Or higher55 X 1050 yuan

Progressive betting method can integrate other betting mechanism, for example, is not a winning hand does not raise the stakes, lost a hand after row returns the smallest unit bet, etc. Here it is no longer the proliferation of this theme.

Finally, a few comments on the meter card law: you must be able to calculate the card is very fast, even in a more responsible environment is best to pick a player not too many tables, so that other players will not be disrupted. your hand. You can practice at home, watching TV and the other can someone talk to you until you can at any time in case of interference can be quickly count cards. In addition, casinos are prohibited players count cards law, if the casino suspect You count cards in use method, they can catch you, so you can not show your cards at the calculation point, you should pretend, like other players.

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