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Resolves instances blackjack card counting

Is much more beneficial to the players left the big so-called big-name refers to A and 10 (JQK), small cards (2-6) left much Trang (must be added 17 points) plus non-explosive player is in the negative .7,8,9 sexual license, has little effect on the outcome, can be ignored.

When card counting from zero, to see small card plus 1, minus the big one, is not neutral brand. Box regardless of brand with several decks, as long as there is no cheating, the same size of a card number, may be a big time playing After that they may if a big first-out, is much smaller cards left, the player will be counted to negative, a small card left is much more difficult to add Zhuang burst, the players are bad cards ...... adverse negative is a bad little note cards.

Count to a positive number indicates a small card, first-out left big, big left much Zhuang, leisure and are easy to repair as blackjack Blackjackʱ??

When card counting a cumulative basis, such as the village back to the A7 / 556 / QQ / TJ / 38T / AA384 (village). False number (the number of accrued called false number) -1 + 0-1 + 1 + 1 + 1 0-1-1-1 -1-1-1-1 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 1 + = -4

The second time the 385/672 / 48T / AJ / 3388 / AT (+2): turn as two back together, must be adjusted for the number of false true number to be useful.

6 cards hit the three count to positive 6 and played four count to 6 are not the same, the remaining three being 6 shows left "3" cards are relatively many big six, the remaining two being 6 shows a surplus "2" cards in more than six dozen relatively big. Like being 6 chance of making the bust is clearly different from the false number / remaining deputy Number = true numbers.

Estimate the number of remaining deputy general see licensing thickness need practice.

Number two purposes really.

Assistance cards

True number indicates the size of the remaining cards in the card status.

The higher the number the more true representation of big players should add less cards, multi-bet fold (bet times the general wish to be big, but also want the dealer explosion), multisection card (hopefully the dealer explosion), multi-surrender. Instead licensing can be more negative values ​​( 12 pairs of Zhuang 6 cards can be added), less bet times (10 times in 9 do not bet), less scoreboard, less surrender (14 pairs village 10 do not surrender).

After this adjustment play computer computing organized into tables 1 and Table 2 to adjust the policy table (try to back up, playing under the priority back positive, we really can not count too high incidence ignored).

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