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Blackjack basic theory: Tactics surrender Insurance

all over the world Playground That there shall be set up blackjack. Moreover, it has become one of the most popular gamblers Gambling Because there is indeed an attraction blackjack. In particular, is to look at brand who witnessed its territory, thrills and excitement felt by the extent, it is indescribable!

Gambling has always been a stimulus, there are many people looking to indulge in gambling among stimulus, it was considered only stimulate the winning, but it was also contrary, losing only to stimulate the thought, it is true that both argument , there is some truth, winning stimulation, the formation of a mood to high volatility passionate mood, it is difficult to describe it, this happy and willing to mood swings carried away, out of spontaneous, there is no way to suppress ! I believe we will have this experience.

Instead, after losing, mood swings felt, is another taste, under this kind of stimulation, emotional, you will feel disappointed and depressed, and the former is the opposite.

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In short, regardless of any kind of gambling, has said the two results, my personal opinion, in all the various gambling among the most exciting in blackjack cards when you look at the process of slowly You also must appreciate what kinds of one taste!

Blackjack, the principle of treatment is the same all over the world.However, the specific process, there is a huge respectively, making use of the vast majority of the way 17:00.But there are few places, 18:00 approach is adopted.Now, however, 18-point approach, it is already very small.In terms of the many entertainment venues, with blackjack processing Soda port of greatest change, and now has become the hardest blackjack gambling place, because, from original pair of cards, change for the four pay After the card simultaneously, so that the customer's interest to people greatly reduce carry on! this change, nature is to make the entertainment aspect of income greatly increased, and their clients to winning, then it is difficult to carry on ʱ??

A pair of cards only 52, including within the doll 16, the rest of the thin plate 36, the first to calculate the terms of a pair of cards to play, according to the conventional view of six gates, after licensing, the minimum can be seen playing cards of 13, accounting for a quarter of the entire payment. Although not necessarily can be calculated to be what you want to send the card brand, but, at least psychologically count the number, nature is much better, especially sitting in the house, to licensing or not, will affect the dealer will burst, the impact on the winning or losing, there is indeed a great connection.

There are number of so-called dollars, the average person, but is psychologically for worship it. But for mathematics experts, it would be totally different, in fact, really is the number of dollars, and the reason is very simple, The appearance of the card has been divided into two categories, one is dolls, and the other is a fine brand, in addition to appearances has appeared, the number remaining, but also did not show up. then, so that we can calculate the required Bo card The chance rate.

If the chance of big words, that the higher your chance of winning. On the contrary, the lower the chance rate. Then, lose your face, are bound to increase successively.

Mathematics experts, the calculated rate of opportunity, not by the collision, but according to appearances and never appeared brand, through sophisticated calculations, derived out of the conclusion, however, figure in the end is a digital, computing is just a calculation only, chance of simply based on the results of the calculation, the conclusion, in fact, that the greater chance of winning, not necessarily win, but lose face greater chance of thought, it is not necessarily going to lose!

Soda port of entertainment, will Blackjack The play, a pair of cards from original increased to four pay to play cards together, naturally is a good foundation for the company in terms of, it is bound to make a lot of income to increase. However, in the other hand, , happy people who play blackjack passengers, will be reduced accordingly, which is some truth, because a change in such a manner, the guests will feel a sense of the press with finger stupid chances of winning greatly reduced, and chance of losing money, but greatly increased now!

Just think, the four paid cards are mixed together and put into the shoe, but is continuously going, and how appearances can keep in mind and did not show the cards too! Besides, a total of 64 dolls, fine 144 cards, digital Experts also believe that no NIE character!

Another point is also very important, and that is the dealer's cards is not a starter, but only made a face card, until seven of the Player to properly license after the dealer only be issued, this change in surface it seems there is not much relationship. However, in practice, there is a great relationship, there are indeed press with finger suspected stupid!

With this change in the future, soda Port Casino Blackjack, in one thousand fine red table limit is concerned, it would not greatly affect, because the fall is limited, are wet crushed it. However, there is a certain influence, which of course is not considered of the operator and not to play.

Some people have been transferred to the customer Baccarat Go on stage now! Baccarat since the recent very prosperous farm land, and that there are mini-baccarat establishment, the pass-through addiction too!

Now, again in detail with everyone look tactics fundamental theory. First, you have to calm down the mind, in detail, seriously think about it. You will find that the benefits of the basic theory of tactics out there, you might change the past, Play blackjack style!

The basic theory of tactics is not going to make to you, a big headache, according to the theory of the provisions did it, do keep in mind, not the heart of a large but cautious, sometimes did, sometimes according to their own subjective views to do, then, the result was going to lose, gambling aim is to win money, this is the most important thing, as we have to win money, why not do it according to the basic theory of tactics ah!

The basic theory of the following tactics are talking about is very important, I hope you pay attention to in order to have the opportunity to play blackjack, it can be considered carefully.

(1) - Cards banker at 2:00, when this is all heart, think that the opportunity to face the dealer's cards face at 6:00 the following are referred to the opportunity to face, while you hold the cards of 12 points. , the general people's psychological, would think since it is a chance to surface. then, you can wait for the dealer burst, while he held a 12-point, not Bo card, this is the biggest mistake!

Yes, the banker is the opportunity to have a blast, and you held 12:00. Also have the opportunity to burst, but may not know, and you also have the opportunity to Bo into the good cards, so you should Bo card!

Bo card you want, in addition to dolls, any card you will not burst, why should it give up the opportunity Bo card! Proportion dolls and fine brand, is 16 to 36, if you encounter such a situation, and Bo card unwilling to say. then, I advise you, or do not play blackjack better.

The basic theory of tactics, but also provides the cards to hold your hand 13 points or 13 points or more words, then, there is no longer Bo card necessary.

Is in your hands held 12:00, after Bo card, the blog is an A, then add up to 13 o'clock, it is no longer Bo card. You can do this whether you!

(2) - Makers Cards is 3:00, while cards you hold for 12 points, it should be considered to be without Bo card, however, at 13 o'clock or 13 o'clock, when the above, do not have to Bo card. , so to say, that is your only chance to blog a card, then it stopped.

Bo card aim is to close to Bo blackjack figures. However, the above (1) and 12 (2) 13:00, just a little difference of micro, why must it be Bo card ʱ??

Whether you have this kind of idea, if the presence of this kind of idea, then, you think all Bo card, it must be very dangerous thing, with this idea, you would commit a serious misconception, you can correct over it!

(3) - at this point as to be talked about, maybe you would think wrong, there is no reason for this!

Cards banker is 4:00; 5:00; 6:00, you held cards to 12:00, or 12:00 or more, regardless of what kind of point, are not necessary Bo card!

Naturally, some people think, making the sign face is 2:00, held by 12 points, it must be Bo card. Banker cards face is 3:00, the same held 12:00 to Bo card, and now the dealer card surface, is 4:00; 5:06 pm, when, and as long as the 12-point or more, you do not have Bo card, believes the reason seems to be justified!

We need to know, making the sign face is 2:00, you held by 12:00, there are many opportunities Bo card and will not burst, because you do not want to burst without Bo card, but to the dealer automatically burst it!

3:00 also have the same situation, the dealer once is 4:00; 5:00; 6:00 chance, when the chance of in accordance with precise calculation, the dealer will burst big, so, you held at 12:00 or more points, no need to re-Bo card now!

(4) - Cards banker is 7:00; 8:00; 9:00; when the A's, you held cards, is 17 points or less, it must be Bo card.

This approach is the decision in the banker is 17 points or more, unnecessary cards, for which you held 17 points or less, there is Bo card necessary.

I hope everyone on the basic theory of the above tactics, and makes them look above four points are very important, and might have doubts, then, while still  blackjack keen interest, then, You may wish to banks in blackjack table, sit on the sidelines for a period, perhaps, you will find a useful tactic at the basic theory.

Blackjack surrender arrangement, really thoroughly wonderful, wonderful it can be said, if the dealer standing standpoint, but you can make off their surrender, how very beneficial, because we are also very clear In yet bet on that point, been defeated automatically first, the bets of stakes, first lost half.

Surrender provisions, virtually equal to the dealer pumping, it is like Fantan pumping; baccarat dealer pumping Lingwu same!

Now, there are surrender blackjack rules, then, we should surrender our right regarded, but the dealer did not have the right to do so!

First of all, we have to understand, who met to consider the surrender of cards, be sure to say, a certain number of points is not enough, since, in point has been inadequate, and once Bo card, then burst component, and so , will consider the surrender of the above!

Dealer's face was more than 7:00, and you held cards to 14:00; 15:00; 16:00 time, are very favorable, I have seen people hold 17 points, the same surrender, It really makes me feel strange twelfth place, why should surrender too!

Now, assume that the following circumstances, you are at a disadvantage, it is how, then, you can consider surrender.

Cards bookmakers789 10
You hold pointsFifteen16Fifteen16Fifteen16Fifteen16
You are in a disadvantage3637414247485050

From the above, through the mathematics experts, the calculated ratio, we can see very clearly, when the dealer was 7:00 by the time you held 15:00; 16:00, weaknesses of about 37%, That accounted for a third of the disadvantages!

When the dealer's face is 10:00, when you are in disadvantage in the more than fifty percent wrong! Under such circumstances, since, there have been five percent disadvantage, then, can surrender, and do not again consider other, because, since there is no need for Bo card, surrender right, you can make your compact fluorescent back half of the bet.

Dealer's cards face, in case of the A time, the Player will not be able to have the right to surrender.

According to experts precise calculation, making the sign face is when A's, you hold some cards, if at 19 points or more, then, will occupy some advantages, otherwise, winning nine out of the dealer is so , would not let the Player an opportunity to surrender, that is, to the system to eat!

As for, it was also proposed that under any circumstances, never surrender, and this is a way, a matter of opinion, have the opportunity to make a detailed narrative.

Because the dealer holding the sign face A, and are not allowed to idle at home have the right to surrender, so there has been a vote to buy the establishment of insurance.

Vote buying insurance purposes, held their own brand is not good, and lose considerable face, then, under the investment to buy insurance, you can keep betting stakes, because insurance is a lose two of this is wishful thinking practice, you held the sign face is no longer good, but voted to buy insurance, if you get a doll dealer is not the end of it, then you will lose investment to buy more insurance bet!

It was also just held some cards in his own, in more than 19 points, only to vote to buy insurance, so that in case of lose the insurance bet and his cards face is not small, you can still have a chance to win!

Vote buying insurance, everyone has his own views, in the end only of how to count it!

We should vote to buy insurance, just as our interests fishes, generally speaking, investment insurance, the most important is to save yourself already betting stakes, the starting point is right, however, this is a defensive idea ʱ??

In this defensive approach, not able to say that is wrong, and that there are certain reasons, than to vote blindly buy the insurance is much better too!

The advice provided by the experts, together, detailing listed, please consider, but also for a reference!

The first point - completely ignore insurance, which of course there is a certain sense because A occurs, no one door of opportunity is equal, the dealer has the opportunity, why do not you die now, is equality of opportunity, why walk!! vote buying insurance.

Besides, playing blackjack not care about the outcome of a deck of cards, the banker is 10 at the end, of course, lose nothing to say, on the contrary, you also have the opportunity, but, still busy at home to win it!

After the vote to buy insurance, the dealer is not the end of 10:00, no reason to lose fifty percent, serious 唔抵, therefore, advocated only when there is no such thing as investment insurance.

The second point - the vote to buy the insurance as another way of betting, and, and held their own cards, but completely irrelevant, this kind of betting, it is very special, vote buying insurance limit! is betting half the stakes, we also see some people always will never vote to buy insurance, then you can use it a quota for betting another way. Some people are specialized in this kind of special Falling way bet Bet!

Prepared to fight, psychologically extremely important as twelve, I'm here very sincerely propose, first of all, you are determined to gamble, psychologically, there must be certain of winning, on the contrary, psychologically Without this preparation, then, then still do not bet the best, do you think!

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