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Texas Hold'em probability analysis of the various card type appears

Texas Hold'em is a very thrilling casino games, luck in Hold'em occupy a large amount, even the best cards may also be down a river. However, it is also a very technical content, superb The player can always be light and easy to take the land from rookies to win a lot of money, it also allows Texas Hold'em is full of charm.

Each Texas Hold'em experts are skilled in computing, which is destined to play Texas Hold'em, in Hold'em, players must constantly calculate all the time, their chances of winning a few percent, get a card of the odds, therefore, to become a Texas poker pros, not good at computing is not acceptable. The following lists give everyone the chance of various card type appears, you can let everyone in the calculation easier.

A combination of probability of occurrence of cards Poker Hand

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Royal Flush Royal Flush 649,739: 1

Straight Flush Straight Flush 64,973: 1

Four-of-a-Kind four 4,164: 1

Full House gourd 693: 1

Flush of the same suit 508: 1

Straight straight 254: 1

Three-of-a-Kind three 46: 1

Two Pair two pairs of 20: 1

One Pair one pair of 1.25: 1

No Pair No Pair 1.002: 1

See this table, the player will know, the probability of which deck how to better calculate their own card type in what position, there is much chance of winning, to improve their chances of winning. I wish everyone in the play Hold'em invincible.

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