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The importance of playing Texas Hold'em seats

Texas Hold'em Players sitting position, can be divided into front, middle and back three, and these three locations are relative to the button, that is in terms of the location of the dealer. Poker Council is the first player from the button to the left Under the decision, Fang Xiangshun clockwise order until the last - bit players, which is the location for your button.

You are sitting in the hand position is one of the important factors that determine the winning hand, if you are the last player who is eligible to send cards to your advantage is to be based on the observed situation in front of the opponent's bet to calculate the opponents the strength of the cards, and make the appropriate raise, call or fold decision to the contrary if you are sitting in front of the position the more, then you will lose through the observation of the situation in front of the opponent's bet, and thus calculate the cards held by the opponent the strength of the opportunity to own it will become important later in the opponent's observation of the image. This shows the player's location in the hand.

Texas poker tables schematic

A player at the poker table depends on the location of the dealer, which is the online Texas Hold'em very important strategic factor

Members sit tightly Fapai player to the left, including the blinds, are referred to the previous position. This position is very unfavorable for the players, because he or she is not in front of their cards observe how the opponent will react ʱ??

A player in this position with one hand and poor bid to bid or wager, then they may face another player raises, making the high cost of this hand. However, if indeed raiser Marketer very strong hand, then the player is in the front position, only to accept defeat fate. Similarly, if the player is in the front position is also strong enough brand marketer, then he will find it difficult to be increased by filling pot amount, unless other opponents also believe their brand is strong enough and choose to follow.

Sitting firmly on the right of players to the dealer, including the dealer himself, are in a rearward position. This position gives the player a strategic advantage position, since the player can observe the cards in front of their opponents is how to react ʱ??

Players in late position if Marketer very strong hand, he will have a great opportunity to increase the amount bet and raise the pot. This position gives information on the advantages of the players by observing opponents How to bet in late position player can make forward-looking decisions, thereby more efficiently cards.

The dealer is in the strongest position (termed "flag in the licensing office") because he or she has an advantage before finally respond. If there is no bet or raise before this case, the dealer even You can decide to hand the incredible difference the cards to bluff.

Of course the one hand and a strong brand can play in any position to go out, but some poor or marginal hand should be made in late position player to beat.

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