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Macau casino Texas Hold'em Wars

Finally take root in Macau popular Texas Hold'em in the world. Following the interstellar fight with machine Stud Lisboa launched Texas Hold'em area in green gold zone.

When I play Texas Hold 'em Lisboa has eight tables, only table 50-100 large table, serve up to five thousand Hong Kong dollars can buy, and the remaining tables of 20 - 50, you can only buy one thousand Hong Kong dollars casino manager told me. The DU limit aimed at protecting the weak ...... casino is like charity. I suspect the real reason is because there is an upper limit tap (five times the big blind), Casino guests wishing to lose slower, tap some more?

In the roulette table casino manager put some English and Chinese Hold'em that I found that some Chinese translation error control;. End flop English say "Last call according to the order of the first person who left before the flop" Chinese translation to "Zhuang bit left of the first people in sequence flop."

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My Saturday night to Macao resident hotel was full, so simply send the luggage to kill Lisboa playing Stud. Saturday night eight tables full, the only large table full. I hit the small table allelic, playing two hours even win $ 5,000. The key to get me to sit Q8 small blind, nobody raised Then I call, open public licensing QQX, my three Q, flushed with excitement, not raised under the house plus two hundred, I and the other a heel again to open a small card, I called injection at home folds, and finally I make a pair of open, rich and Hirsch (Full House, three one pair), I do not call note, make up a rival Junko called all in, I win into more than two thousand.

Fold the door softly said he took AA fold because I do see that there are Q ...... Fortunately big losers sit side I can not see my face. He said that I play do too fake.

I see a master at sitting, there was a large table just busy transfer .On a large table winnings getting spit on Friday I did not sleep all night playing blackjack, five o'clock ride to go to the airport in Bangkok turn six hours, forty hours without sleep, eyelids heavy as the Q6 Q8, public licensing open KK842, I thought he was the big bad card two pairs (KK88), for holding K2 (KKK22) called all-Jin (eight thousand yuan), I actually follow up, one lost more than eight thousand.Pour lose more than ten thousand, I spent the next two to take the A5 and 67 different Cookin win back more than six thousand.Hit pm (fifty-one hours not sleep), the opponent (Australians) think they A7 (actual A5), public licensing open 7744, he Stud, I do have 7, all of a sudden he won thirteen thousand, total playing fourteen hours to win thirteen thousand three hundred sixty-five yuan knock.

At the beginning of the night to win the five thousand, most lost fourteen thousand, eventually won thirteen thousand, mainly due to smash down the output cards should not talk, because no licensing and other chaos with later improvements.

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