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Determine the extent of the number of poker cash games pumping method

Open HM (I have always insisted then HM1, huh)

The possibility of using their own data, such errors will be relatively small.

PLAYERS enter this

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Select Cash Games, the latter option to choose according to their own (such as game type, game levels, etc.)

#Players According to their needs

Date: choose according to their needs

Min Hands: fill in 0 or 1, this is very important. This means that each hand poker table all the players.

VPIP: 0 to 100 this is very important, which means that each hand poker table all the players.

Select the poker room you want to analyze.

Run Report

Overall the report is the lowest total in the poker room you record the Licensing Board. $ And bb / 100 will show the extent of the overall pumping poker room (ie, the result would be a total negative, and these are poker money room siphoned off). report did not reflect defection, this should go their own separate calculations.

I simply run a bit, probably a result

PokerStars (PokerStars), -8bb / 100

iPoker (Titan Poker, William Hill, etc.), -12.5bb / 100

Microgaming, -25bb / 100

888poker's Push or Fold: -12bb / 100

888 in HM1 in using Pacific, acronym PAC

Microgaming using Prima, acronym PRM

Cows ah, like previous school there with hundreds of thousands of data operator hands over each poker room pumping rate 100 / bb, as if the data is quite big differences in different grades, and how you see

About a year and a half ago, PS from NL2 to NL100 probably between 10bb / 100 ~ 5bb / 100. I do not know what the situation is now (after PS pumping reform).

We have a sample of 500,000 hands to play ipoker, were calculated for each level and type of game tables rake structure. Then we come to the above data.

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