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Playing Texas Hold'em losing three Reasons

If we can find the cause of losing money in the process to avoid playing, then we will be able to minimize unnecessary losses, as long as we always exceed our earnings loss, then we will be able to continue to grow the bankroll, so as to achieve the goal of winning ground.

Limit Texas Hold'em Is a risky Game It can make you money in the hand of the gambled all on the desktop. Perhaps you have been in a profitable state, but just to let you into the hand of the loss of funds experienced negative growth in a row so if your Gradually, all the money will contribute to other players in the poker table.

Therefore, it is especially important to avoid the risk, good times and bad poker is a game of chance, the probability is the same for everyone, the point is that you can lose as little as possible at the time of bad luck, good luck as much as possible win, this is the key to long-term winning.

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According to my own playing experience and observation, and often make us lose a lot of money are three cases:

First, get a good card.

Think about your own experience, so you lose a lot of money is not bad hands, bad hands because you do not make great note, only you think is the next big bet only good cards, often ambush danger here, because you are very big hard to give up.For example, two pairs met three, hit a straight flush, flush hit fullshouse, four hit flush.If there has been significantly greater than your cards on the table, you can also give up, for example, you have a straight, and then the desktop appears with flowers, opponents big bet or more than one opponent, you should usually fold.Winning numbers on this table, and the level of some experienced players will be able to avoid, as long as you are not in a state of tilt.The most frightening is the dark face card, you simply could not guess what the opponent has, but there are a lot of cards in your hand, you will not stop underground injection, has been with the opponent or anti-Canada, you also have to call, Until the final showed his opponents cards, you did not know he made a return to fool your money into someone else's pockets have.

For a typical example, in NL 0.5/1 of 10 people on the table, you get in preflop AcKs, raised to $ 10, assuming there is one or two players call, the other players fold, you raise to 10 times the big blind as well as people with, you feel happy, Because if no one should be card, you will not win anything, but the danger is precisely here, the hand opponent may have AQ, AJ, KK, or other like big, it may simply not, just some small cards such as 56s, 78s, or pairs like 22,55,99.Suppose flop came AhKd5d, you become two maximum top right, there is no reason to give up, you bet $ 30, if they told, then it is quite dangerous, as long as the opponent is not an idiot type of player, he would certainly have it with note reasonable grounds, as I said before, a hand opponent has 55, she has been with you to the river, you still continue every turn and river bet $ 30, you bet $ 100 in total, in the end you still are AA and KK two pair, 555 opponents might reraise $ 100, you have to follow, so the total figure you lose $ 200.

I think this situation is usually careful in turn and river bets, or simply do not bet, look at the opponents how to act, but if the opponent to bet high, it shows that he probably has three, if this possibility is high, it is best to reluctantly folds, or you'll lose a lot more.

If you can not always do it, you do not have to be sad, because even has long been famous professional players would make such a mistake, for example Dianel negreanu VS Gus hansen's a game of cards, Dianel negreanu have 6s6h, Gus hansen has 5d5c, Both increase the note, flop came 9c6d5h, under Dianel negreanu big bet, Gus hansen call, turn and river came 5s and 8s, finally Gus hansen has 5555 therefore all in, Dianel negreanu have fullhouse 66655 can not give up, call The final pot is $ 57,5700, Dianel negreanu big loser fortune. This is a classic example.

Second, continue unreasonable call.

This situation is more common, generally beginners have this problem. For a flush or a straight desperate to call, know your opponents head to deliberately big bets, so you are constantly told, you are usually the last Minato not a card, white lose a fortune.

Suppose you and your opponent has $ 100 chips, the opponent has JQ, you have AK, flop came J, 10,5, the opponent had a good couple, you're waiting for the straight, the opponent bets $ 10, you talk, turn to the 3 opponent bets $ 10, you talk, river to 8, the opponent then bet $ 10, you fold.So you lost $ 20, if you make up AKQJ10, you can win $ 20.We know that you need to appear with a probability of 10 is 1/13, which is 13 times you can hit once.And a total of 13 times you have to pay 13X20 = ​​$ 260, to win a $ 20, so if every time so that, in general you will lose 260-20 = $ 240.This probability is not worthwhile, Texas Hold'em is the probability of a long-term game, always, the more you will lose more.Many beginners money is gambled away so slowly.

Third, the error in judgment

This varies, some people are strong intuition and analysis, coupled with appropriate experience, most of the time can be very accurately estimate the opponent's cards, filling in when favorable, unfavorable fold most happy thing is that your opponent is good cards, but you can not win, because you fold. ~ Oh

The most important thing is to grasp what the opponent will bet, raise, check. If the opponent bluff, but you judge that he has big, then you lose the white opponents really big, but you think he bluff, then you Daoda Mei. The more high level players, play more complex, so you confused, which is especially important in Heads up, which play and multiplayer tables are completely different, and therefore different depending on the choice of table It plays and determination method, in multiplayer table is rarely bluff, the next big bet opponents usually do have a lot of cards.

Overall, Texas Hold'em is a very complex game, the situation which might arise too much, therefore, in which luck plays a very important component, but it is not the true sense Gambling, Because win or lose depends largely on the level of the players.

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