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Handicap Language Teaching Series II - on balance Handicap unilateral lure

At 04:00 on January 9 Lazio VS Catania

How to determine Handicap is making unilateral lure on?

This requires us to find out three things.

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1, the balance of power, with Lazio's strength, should the ball directly from Catania 0.5

2, comparing the current situation right place, Lazio at home, should allow 0.05 goals Recent contrast, should allow 0.05 goals

To sum up the reasons, normal Lazio Handicap should make a ball in the water is suitable Handicap.

3, the current Handicap: Chupan out - now,Gaming company Let stabilized at between 0.5 goals 0.85 Lazio odds equivalent sub tray is to 0.5 / 1 ball, the high water. This budget 1 Handicap and our ball in the water there is a gap.

4, under the Handicap Lazio relatively more attractive, for Lazio heat should be an indisputable fact. So far, Lazio heat but remains the same plate making constant water, should be well-thought, not afraid of payment. So still strong 0.5 liter bulb plate, as is the further lure.

Such events, hot die, Lazio have at least a 60% chance will not win, so we have to circumvent fishing Handicap betting on the lure, try thinking the opposite with the dealer.

So the race Lazio should not be able to win, we should bet Catania is the best policy.

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