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The ball sports betting betting strategy

Sports Betting soccer ball more now by more and more bettors liked, because he does not have to endure two hours of torment and the game ball size balls and roll again roll the two most mainstream Handicap

Chase the ball requires wisdom, chasing a large ball requires courage!

First, I want to go to the size of the ball, and to give the ball Handicap supplement.

Unless you are on the game has a great grasp, otherwise you should not play to let the ball go Handicap. In general, the dealer is not going to let you two have a chance to go, that is to say very little opportunity for you Buy the disc winning, supplemented footwall also winning. Makers or to kill the whole on the plate, or else all killed on the footwall.

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The above words may understand them a little bother, or illustrate a good point.

Example: A team home to the B team hemisphere.

Go to the situation: 1.A team 1: 0 lead .2.B team 1: 0 lead .3 both sides 0: 0 handicap for less than 1 ball game, any one team scored first can not be considered true Leading sense. Press the tennis terminology is that both sides entered the match point. Therefore, three kinds of cases go to appear are difficult to judge is to catch or chase down the disc tray, because whether A team or B team scored again on can kill for home audience Betting (most ruthless is a B team 2: 0 or 3: 0 lead, chasing Betting A team flock to, the results of the B team scored again before dying, those who chase A Siwuquanshi)

Second, the size of the ball significance chase

Some would say go to Handicap hard to follow, the size of the ball is the same no choice.'re Right. That's what I want to explore the topic.

Chase the ball requires wisdom,

It takes courage to chase the big ball!

Third, the size of the ball the most favorable investment area

1. Small ball the most favorable investment area

Bottom line: General League of not less than two goals for the Serie B, French, etc. Fayi fewer league goals can relax to 1.5 / 2 lower than the bottom line did not give up the investment value...

2. The big ball of investment most favorable region

The bottom line: Less than 1 ball forsworn.

Top line: The best is three goals or less, Bundesliga, La Liga, and other goals of the game can be more relaxing to look at more than 4 goals 4 goals determined not to chase.

Fourth, the allocation of funds

Allocation of funds is the most important part, a reasonable allocation will greatly improve your ROI. Specific approach is to invest every game they can afford to have a ceiling, such as 10 units.

Investment in small ball, to complete 10 units all at once cast. Really remember, regardless of winning or losing the ball after the investment can no longer continue to invest big ball or small ball, do not have to make up the psychological recovery. Otherwise, you will fall into the abyss. That is only one chance to throw the ball. Do not be concerned about the cast after the game.

Investment big ball is a bit tricky. After once cast 10 units, may be several separate units 10 to operate. Even in the first cast when completed 10 units larger grasp can win, you can then append 10 investment units. (if you want the most favorable areas). Specific operating behind a more detailed description.

Fifth, determine the size of the ball of the basic skills

Significance 1. before the study

How to determine small open wide open, I believe that many players will do a lot of homework before.Currently, there are many successful methods, like stop theory, between plum bamboo theory, spot Handicap water level changes, track record, the strength difference etc..Which many people can make the right judgments.But if you want to pass judgment on all the games, I believe very few people can reach about 70% of winning., Even if there have to spend a lot of time and manpower.Is there a relatively simple and can have a higher accuracy rate way to do it?A simple way to determine the size of the ball there! I found in practice.In this way it is simple because it does not go through the tedious homework before.For this method, the study before the meaningless things.

2.20 minutes law

20 minutes rule list

Goal Handicap Goals Odd time to judge the size of the ball

02 no balls

0 1.5 / 2 No abandonment

02 / 2.5-2.5 no wait

Low water -2.5 0 2.5 / 3 No Break large chase high water

1 3.5 / 4 10 minutes before the big chase

13 / 3.5-3.5 wait 10 minutes before, began to chase the ball when 3

1 2.5 / 3-3 10 minutes before the big chase

1 large 415 minutes on the sidelines, while less than 4 big chase

1 large 315 minutes watching, less than 3:00 to chase big

1 small 315 minutes chasing big

Chase big 2 small 420 minutes ago

2 large 420 minutes before the sidelines, less than 4 big chase

20 minutes of the best law in the real reference sub-plate handicaps and water to determine, in order to improve the success rate of investment. 20 minutes 3. The overall league rule

20 minutes in actual combat against the law lists a single game to go to a relatively high success rate.But sometimes there is no time to go to most of the time to feel.For example, when four major league go to, and often there are about 10 games to go to at the same time, and use the table there will be a loss of feeling.So go to the same time in the whole league can have plus size ball to determine the probability of the league at the time of application of the law of 20 minutes.Specifically based on each round of the league to open a large open small screening is to determine the probability of equal.For example, a round of Serie A at the same time there are eight games to go, the first 20 minutes there are 5 games to score, then the remaining three games to open a small chance is very big.At this time you may want the ball before the game according to the proportion of the size of the previous two rounds to reference.

VI Notes

1. Some games have the phenomenon into the 2 ball, that is a difference of 2-3 minutes between two goals, this time to judge the size of the ball must be combined to get the ball Handicap judge, Do not chase big or small chase.

2. chasing the ball must be the final word, if an error occurs when the judge, do not blindly to cover short positions.

3. when chasing big ball should have enough courage to chase the big ball will not have to pay back a small ball approach because many times the size of the ball game will be decided in the final 10 minutes.

Seven typical large ball and small ball

Walk the land, combined to keep the ball Handicap will find some lost dead ball size are listed below: 1. big teams get the ball, scoring earlier, after a goal handicap and a small decline in the size of handicap game, usually slaughter phenomenon basically sub-plate on the plate and a large ball too hard at the same time, it developed a.

2. The teams get the ball and score first, and weak teams tie, usually a draw performance. Chase must have a small harvest.

3. The teams get the ball, underdog scored first, and the teams tie. There must be the ball forward, who in turn had.

4 .......

VIII. Conclusion

Play go to is to have relatively stable state of mind, do not have the urge to gamble Before betting Handicap to concentrate attention to changes, minor changes will reveal the dealer intent in combat should continue to explore and summarize. I believe not beat the dealer a difficult task

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