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Improve the win rate: water sports betting odds Zatan

In May, I met with a CASINO Platform good friend, he called Mr. J. He taught me a can improve Sports Betting Winning ways. He is a very experienced sports trader, he has seen how much people rely on sports betting to maintain their source of examples. Here he and I share a way to improve the win rate, hope This thing can help with fans.

Odds: commonly known as "water" that every game of each team's odds are not the same, for example 95%, or 70% said that if you win the bet, you can win up to 95%, or 70% of the cost of. I just started do not care about this,

Only thinking about winning or losing yourself, only to find afterwards, "water" depth, is making winning magic. For example one day, I bet a ball lost in Serie A sixty thousand the next day under the same sixty thousand won, but Because the water is 80, only to get back 40,008 dollars.

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That is the same relationship between winning or losing, but there twelve thousand to "evaporate" to the dealer hands.

On the surface, the dealer never cheat: Handicap give you transparent, fair chance, so you are free to choose, because they never thought through to win or take-all, they want what you have been gambling, constantly bet go down, and there are winners and losers, because they want is the share of "water" money.

You never play, but the dealer has a friend has tried to find the dealer's secret:!? For example, the odds are not the same in the two teams, the banker in the end is what the intention of whether they have mastered the latest trends in the team (the main training injuries or players being bribed, etc. )? A friend told me,

Makers entertained before, "water" sudden changes in the most telling, jargon is called "the trap" or "under lure", namely by odds betting guide people intentionally change direction. However, when we think catch a little law, and tasted the sweetness in a few games, the

But suddenly found the next game after the next big note, the law is out of order!

Usually when Wagner will Handicap roughly divided into four stages according to the following time:

First, the preliminary reference Handicap, also known Chupan, such Aocai Monday to five out of the reference Handicap, Handicap at this time for the trader according to their own understanding of the experience of the two sides out of the current situation. The most fundamental expression not to accept lower Note tend to have great differences with the official Handicap by injection.

Second, by injection Chupan, I would define it as Gaming company Official Handicap by injection first time.

The correct way is to read the tape: First parameter combination plate - change by injection Chupan, thermal analysis made by injection Chupan on which side, and given the appropriate reasons, of course, under normal circumstances, at low water side by injection Chupan. to make hot party no obvious fault.

Third, by the injection peak Handicap. With more and more time away from the game close, and gradually the influx of funds, plus more gaming companies collect messages for the game began to change at this time Handicap funds regulation.

The correct way is to read the tape: According by injection Chupan - note that the water level changes in the disk, analyze payment is increasing or declining, and the Eurasian equivalent argument again, choose positive change results attention, this time to choose the positive.

Fourth spot Handicap Handicap spot and no clear concept of time, roughly a spot about 15 minutes. In this case the dealer has been basically get all the most busy family of chips, while for non-pumping game, making the game generally have confidence in my heart bottomed at this time to do is how to profit

Such as adjusting the water level to maximize the winner as we have a common lifting plate. Size village shipments are usually at this time.

More than four times by dividing Handicap, we find that, at the beginning only with reference Handicap reference value, and by the injection peak and spot Handicap Handicap, due to changes in the game by making double impact confidence and funds, to really analyze the dealer intent there are no small difficulty.

This is why my friends are generally reflect changes Handicap ugly main reason, such as a period of adjustment of water you need to go to determine the normal trend is still making do drive. And we have to do is to determine the dealer intent, then there is interference What we are?

Yes affect funds Handicap changes. "Opening stages", and its essence is affecting and restricting the Eurasian comparative analysis. Therefore, we have "opening stages" early interpretation, the purpose is very clear, that is let you in contact with the Eurasian comparative analysis before,

The existence of a deeper understanding of the significance of the Eurasian comparative analysis.

Eurasian comparative analysis, that is, "Disk lose difference method."

To learn Disk lose differential method, the first is to understand the core elements of our analysis of the five Handicap required:

A, by injection Chupan odds. B, by injection Chupan Handicap. C, by injection Zhongpan odds. D, by the injection Zhongpan Handicap. E, Odds process.

Why should understand these five process? First, we put gaming companies out of the odds, Handicap, the water level from the beginning to the end of a long process of approval for a vibrating objects, similar to the amplitude of the ups and downs of the stock movement. Amplitude describe the strength of an object the size of the vibration amplitude and vibration.

Stock ups and downs in the process, was to sell the stock, it was buying the stock, thus resulting in a stock generates amplitude. However, the final public day of ups and downs on the stock assessment, we intuitively believed to be the initial opening and final closing price the difference between the.

The stock is so, then the betting is also true in the drive way, this is the tenderness and gaming stocks interlinked. Therefore, we can say that the process of change in the drive way, but free home buying and selling of self-adjustment, The Results of the game features an intuitive anticipation,

Chupan and in other words it is the end game, we can do that: Suppose dish Road is a swinging rope skipping, then no matter how this swinging, swinging by how much, we really need to grasp the head and tail of two point to. This is the end game Chupan and in "Disk lose difference Law" in.

? So, what difference Disk lose law principle is it why should Odds Handicap analysis methods into use among it - Disk lose definitional differences law:? Pass between European and Asian Handicap odds conversion form Contrast paid according to their comparative payment performance difference,

To seek bookmakers Results understanding of the game. Just because this method requires Europe to Asian Handicap Odds Conversion, therefore, our actual analysis process, it is essential to come into contact with European odds.

Eurasian Comparison (Disk lose difference method)

Gaming thinking, the ghosts of the method early, middle and senior division. One is the line approach, which is the most rudimentary method of so-called line of approach is to catch the beginning of the Senate, caught by injection, was arrested three spot line, based on the performance of these three periods Handicap performance, as well as the time Handicap spot,

Handicap decision down orientation. The second is the surface approach, which is mid-way. The so-called face approach is to track changes in a particular company performance drive way from the opening to the spot, with the other Handicap, Odds company specific performance, or a combination of horizontal contrast, draw conclusions upper and lower plate.

This is also their first two. Of course, there are points approach is based on the performance of the spot to take Handicap plate, this method is clearly undesirable. And Disk lose difference method, it is a three-dimensional method, the outside world called "Eurasia Contrast. "Since Handicap odds is derived, naturally conforming changes the odds side.

When the odds and the odds were horizontal linkages varies Handicap become longitudinal support, this data becomes more three-dimensional, but also more realistic odds of itself. As the geometry is from the point to the line and then finally to the three-dimensional plane, like This should be the highest level of Handicap analysis.

Disk lose differential method of specific analysis methods:

1, a few implications.

Prerequisite: disk type Audit - through plate-type examination, to determine the odds of open large or small open Rakhine large, direct that the lower plate is heated; Rakhine small, direct that the disk is heated only bloom for when. Some content below applies.

Chupan: Chupan made hot direction generally used to observe the general visual Chupan low water side to make hot party.

NOTE: To make analysis easier, here does not refer to the beginning of the reference plate Chupan, refers only by injection Chupan course, there are early reference disk can make the analysis more accurate, but the process is relatively more complicated.

First pay: lower pay usually early to observe the direction of making heat, usually by way of comparison Eurasian Looking making hot side than the actual Handicap Handicap Odds equivalent post (hereinafter referred to as equivalent Handicap) the water level in the party Generally regarded as making hot party.

NOTE: By Chupan, lose early to judge, if they are in the same direction, the direction can be determined directly heated if both directions are different, the parties generally take the low water Handicap for the heated side.

Zhong Pan, and finally lose: lose compared with the beginning of the transverse through Chupan Chupan Zhongpan compared with the longitudinal direction of the longitudinal end pay compensation compared with the beginning, compared with the final compensation Zhongpan lateral, upper and lower plate orientation decision.

- This contains four concepts, specific analysis described in detail below.

a, Chupan compared with the beginning of the pay lateral; b, compared with Chupan Zhongpan longitudinal; c, and the beginning of final pay compensation of longitudinal comparison; d, compared with the final pay Zhongpan lateral.

The basic steps.

Analyze disk type, analyze the direction of making heat.

Determine whether made hot success.

Footwall to draw relevant conclusions.

- In other words, the steps of:

Chupan - Zhongpan

Chupan - early pay

Zhongpan - final lose

First pay - final lose

Zhongpan comparison with the longitudinal Chupan, is used to analyze the building heat is successful, if made hot side rose plate precipitation deemed made hot success, usually made out of a non-heat side. If you make hot party premium, the lower plate, that is, as the to create hot unsuccessful, generally made out of heat one.

Zhongpan eventually lose horizontal comparison and is used to analyze whether the dealer lower payment.

- If the Eurasian contrast, immediate practical Handicap Handicap water level is lower than the equivalent of some, such as: The actual odds are flat / semi-low water, the equivalent Handicap is flat / semi-low water; or actual Handicap is the hemisphere in the high water, equivalent Handicap is hemisphere high water, is considered to reduce the dealer paid, generally paid a lower side.

- If the Eurasian contrast, immediate practical Handicap Handicap water level higher than the equivalent of some, such as: The actual odds are flat / semi-high water, the equivalent Handicap is flat / semi-high water; or, the actual odds are. Ping / half water, equivalent Handicap flat / semi-low water, is considered to increase the dealer paid, usually its corresponding other.

- If the Eurasian contrast, immediate practical Handicap Handicap compared with the equivalent, very different, such as: The actual odds are flat / semi-low water, the equivalent Handicap flat / semi-high water; or, the actual odds. is hemisphere high water, equivalent Handicap is flat / half water. This time will depend on the size of the disk type judgment, but under normal circumstances,

Disk lose not belong to coincide, it should be made heat successful performance, usually played non-made hot side.

Note 1: The above analysis, A and B are as individuals, the way static analysis of the actual operation, we need to organically combine together to perform dynamic analysis of integration, meaning its forthcoming as a three-dimensional process of change and change behavior.

Note II: If A and B are inconsistent, then we have to involve the introduction Odds for analysis, under normal circumstances, if the comparison with the longitudinal end game Chupan, with the results of the final end game and lose horizontal comparison inconsistent, generally depending on the The latter is the correct understanding.

Example One: basic, most simple example odds change, the odds change made hot unsuccessful type.

Sweden (main) VS Czech Republic

First pay: 2.30 3.10 2.75

Chupan: 0.80 tie 1.05

Zhongpan: 1.05 tie / hemisphere 0.80

Opinion: First lose support or tie low water level / half-full of water, the actual tie Chupan low water, making heat direction on the disk when spot, the odds change, the actual disk Ping / half full of water, there is a significant hindrance on. behavior, and the odds and the odds are very consistent, making hot unsuccessful, excellent results on the disc play smoothly. (2: 1).

Example 2: The most basic, most simple example odds change, the odds change made hot success type.

Belgium (Main) VS Greece

First pay: 2.25 3.15 2.80

Chupan: 1.00 tie / hemisphere 0.85

Zhongpan: 1.025 tie / hemisphere 0.825

Opinion: First lose support flat / semi-high water, the actual Chupan Pingban high water or high water, made hot spot when the direction of the next disc, the odds change, the actual disk flat / semi-high water, there is a clear barrier behavior. and Handicap and odds are very consistent, footwall made hot success, good results on the disc on the disc to play smoothly. (2: 0).

Some relevant definitions.

Low water side: on the wall and footwall lower level of the party, is generally understood to mean low water side to make hot party, also be interpreted as a low water side to reduce the payment side.

Note: The specific heat or reduce payments are made to disk-type analysis prevail.

The lure, lure under: Makers through some change disk tactics, leaving free home produce on the plate or lower plate situation better idea generally referred to as low-water lure.

On resistance, resistance follows: dealer through some change disk tactics, leaving free home produce on the plate footwall situation is bad idea or general called high water resistance.

Note: the water in the trap without hindrance both very dangerous.

Empathy: Handicap has on each wall and footwall, vary have many different ideas when you produce a certain kind of idea, and you must assume the opposite of the people think, and deny him. If you can deny, please be sure you get the idea, if not negative, ask for your thoughts skeptical,

Of course, you must not call other people's ideas.

Football is round: football is kicked out even though we know the dealer can analyze the results of most of the game, but on their accuracy but not necessarily high unexpected game a lot, do not be denied because of a game. Wagner his method the dealer not to completely follow the pace of walking.

Summary: We can put the Eurasian contrast (Disk lose difference method) process is simplified into the following few.

Disc type and made the game hot feasibility analysis.

A preliminary reference Eurasian contrast, confirm preliminary bookmakers favored party (this provision may be omitted).

Observation by injection Chupan made hot side, and by injection Chupan Eurasian contrast.

Note that payment was observed in the case of lifting the disc.

Observe the change from the disc by injection Chupan way to spot on the disk, the judge made hot success.

Observation spot comparison of the Eurasian plate, pay to read the tape is consistent, if not match, the actual Handicap which party payment is high, the confirmation stated in making a success of heat.

If they are consistent, according to the hot die, in contrast see good direction early to draw relevant conclusions based on. If not, please try to make believe that the results of the thermal analysis of the Eurasian contrast, from the viewpoint of the controllability, the proposal to abandon inconsistent player game.

Studies and Handicap odds are many ways, of which at most odds, Handicap is a test of emotional intelligence tools, is not easy to get a good grasp. As to which method is good, I think think it was like 50 plus 50 equals 100 still the same 70 plus 30 equals 100

Heating underlying purpose by injection Chupan: Chupan who used to observe the direction of heat

If the disc type to open a large and high water level on the plate, the following dish is heated underlying purpose - beginning on the grounds that the barrier

If the disc type to open big, and the water level on the plate for the following dish is heated underlying purpose - the beginning of reason is to reduce payments on the plate

If the disc type to open a large and low water level on the plate, above the target drive for heating purposes - beginning on the grounds that lure

If the disc type to open a small, and the high water level on the plate, the following dish is heated underlying purpose - beginning on the grounds that under lure

If the disc type to open a small, and the water level on the plate, above the target drive for heating purposes - beginning grounds is to reduce payments under the plate

If the disc type to open a small, and the low water level on the plate, above the target drive for heating purposes - on the grounds that the resistance at the beginning

If the disc type is suitable, and there is one for the high water, generally depending on the heating side to the high water Chupan party

If the disc type is suitable, and there is one of the water, generally depending on the water side of the heat Chupan party

About fundamentals.

We usually refer to the fundamentals generally include the following categories:

Team strength and rankings - strength is the most important factor, strength of the team, win probability will never be higher.

Team Status - is the second factor, the state of good teams, often in the clash in the initiative, because the state actually covers a lot of content, including the locker room, the team degree of integration and so on.

Team home and away record - home and away matches are important conditions determine the content of Lazio perhaps not as the strength of AC, Manchester City may not match the strength of Manchester United, but in their home, will always be the home team undefeated big hope, because they are. It is home Long.

Team battle history - confrontation history only as a reference, is an important theme bookmakers do bureau, the fundamentals of thing is not affected.

Team injury - injury the team has two sides, if the core players based team, the core players injury, no doubt a tremendous impact on the team if the overall type of team, the core players injury, not necessarily impact on the team. I have imagined so much.

Therefore, we have to determine whether it was reasonable Handicap, generally has the following steps:

The strength of reference, such as the upper reaches of the team's home game against Everton River teams (such as Wigan, Sunderland, etc.), however, should make the half / a ball, and then adjust according to the state to lift the disc. Another example Chelsea's home game against the middle reaches of the team (such as Manchester City, the Western Han mother, Vera, etc.)

Rangyi Qiu / ball half is essential.

- Opening strength is making reference must get done.

State consideration. Since the state is an important incentive impact strength of the team, therefore, the quality of the state is directly related to the size of the Handicap, but noted that the state only affect the odds, does not affect the water level, remember! Do not be a team status downturn, Handicap to low water, is considered to be optimistic about a team rebound.

Effect of home and away. Would result in home and away matches Handicap considerable impact. For example Tottenham Chelsea can make more than one ball, but Chelsea only make Tottenham hemisphere.

- We usually think, at home than on the road Handicap Handicap two liters, such as in the example above Chelsea, home Rangyi Qiu, is more than two levels away the hemisphere liter We then based on two main teams. Compare away record and to lift adjustment.

Previous history. History results only affect Handicap, does not affect the water level, while the historical performance is not a necessary condition for playing or not playing up and down the plate.

Team injury. Team injury affect Odds changes generally positive changes.

Fundamentals approved methodology:

About strength, refer to the annual major championship and relegation betting odds given by the company.

About state.

The outcome of relations - the draw is good or poor state of the state?!

Draw, regardless of underdog teams, the basic conditions are in poor condition, especially tied behind again, is typical of the state is not good. But if in this case, the team got a draw Handicap support is very Win possible.

I have conceded aspect - without conceding a goal is a state of good or bad?!

Without conceding a goal can not prove that the state is good, and usually bad state. If you encounter disk or disk path is not supported, but without conceding a goal the team is likely to lose the game.

Have conceded aspect - mostly status Goals good or bad?!

Goals are mostly good performance status, once the disk support, to win the game may be significant.

Home Away game state can contact each other it?

Goals are mostly good performance status, once the disk support, to win the game may be significant.

For home and away scores distinguish between a great team, they can not contact each other.

For little difference between home and away teams, they must contact each other.

Yankees must contact each other home and away status.

Finally, large or just want to give you a warm reminder: "Remember the proper play is like!"

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