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Gaming companies optimistic about Durant is eligible for the All-Star MVP George dominate dunk contest

Durant was optimistic eligible for the All-Star MVP

Beijing February 12, 2014, this weekend is about to enter NBA All-Star contest, famous Betting site"BOVADA" is also out of the tournament Handicap winner, in terms of the All-Star MVP, Durant lost 3 to 1 topped the list, George has become the dunk contest most promising players.

Durant topped the All-Star MVP

In this regard contention, Durant beat James won the first name. This site is Durant won the All-Star MVP opened lose 3 to 1 odds (Bet $ 1, if Durant will get MVP You will get $ 4, including one yuan of principal and profit of $ 3).

James followed with 2 lost 7 (or 1 lose 3.5), followed by the candidates after the two players opened a significant gap because the third place ranking is a local star, replace Bryant selected Anthony - Davis, his odds are 2 lose 17.

Anthony ranked No. 4 in 1 lose 10, Curry lost 11 1 5, Griffin and George are 1 lost 12 6. Rockets tied the two players are not to be optimistic, Harden # 13 to 1 pay 25 bit, Howard ranked by 1 lost 35 of 17. The final rankings are four players, they lost 70 1 odds are, respectively, DeRozan, Joe - Johnson, Millsap and Hibbert, all from east.

Dunk contest winner

In this regard, George Walker ranking list, his current odds of 1 lose 1.15 Handicap at odds of just getting out of his worked 1 lost 1.2 (5 pay 6), but with more people optimistic,Gaming company Had to be slightly lower odds once again. The last dunk champion, Ross Raptors lost 7 to 2, followed by Wal-Mart lost 9 to 2 odds, Maikelimo and Lillard are 1 lost 5 Warriors Barnes 2 lost 17 ranked last.

Third contest winner

Curry dominating the rankings, get paid 2 promising 1. Carrefour to 1 lost 4, followed by Orlando Afflalo is a pay 5, defending champion Irving 2 lose 11 platoon in Alfred After La, but he did not pull 利拉德贝里内利 behind, behind the two odds are 1 lost 6. Joe - Johnson 1 lose 10 to become the most underachieving players.

Skills Challenge Saililade be optimistic

In addition, a gaming site "SPORTSBOOK" out of the Skills Challenge odds, Lillard ranked first pay 3 to 1, rocket old Dragic followed by 2 compensation 9, 迈卡威 and Burke are 1 lost 5, DeRozan is 2 lose 11, the gap was not obvious. Shinco place show Oladipo lost 9 to 1, a skill game ranked last odds.

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