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Gambling - a great pleasure in my life

Play wave for so many years, I did not feel tired, nor did it dull, but have never been a dead end and hide their faces away. A lot of friends have left the firm, not my fault, I could not help them, each coming with an interesting I play, I say this: you do not win, you will not have to go on with.

Each player can have a wave of people, such as the ability of these aspects, we will not lose - my point.

Adequate funding; this is guaranteed not caused indecision gripped bet when conditions appear on the judge this time, you will take into account this month's home once finished, tomorrow will be on foot, car or sell a house. whatever. rather than the normal psychological factors in the analysis of various aspects of the Handicap and the team, you are irrational. tend to put money into the team considered safe, then, it is always a result I see this ways is the most dangerous, the first time that cross the border, the second, third or do you believe the old saying goes: on the very hilly final encounter a tiger.

Good attitude; a lot of people play wave is transformed from gamblers in other areas, or to hear and see the wave energy winning play, directed at a gambling comes, everyone is dreaming. winning, some people even more, like a short time to win special win. I see a lot of play the stock market, buy the stock rose friends, and so on, I would also like to earn more points, apply it, you borrow money again, or loss and more. just started to lose and just lost everything, I would say, do not worry, cherish this opportunity to sum up the experience summarize, if not improve their ability to win back the rush will soon lose back.

Should have the ability to judge; I'm just like everybody else, I have seen the major domestic and foreign newspaper websites, as well as recommendations and analyze various forums, but I will be judged by different experts have their different strengths and weaknesses, it is. I'm not cold reason net charge, rather than the level of charges I despise network. When the one you think is trustworthy experts strongly pushed a weak special special teams when cold, when a master in defeat or large When the victory, when different types of cross-match occurs when your own mind and downs due to financial and other problems, please be careful!

To learn an important word! - "Avoid" This is our number of "old" man agreed, and the probability of winning opportunities can approach.Recall a few years ago to play the ball way, we can say the wave of the faithful are in progress, and progress much faster, which depends on the accumulation of experience, a lot of reports and discussion broadcast and forums.However, Macau is always walk in front of us, especially the Asian plate in Macau.For example, Macao VfB Stuttgart Pingban Pauli football on television for nearly two and a half before, all of the single-game league's opening game, only this ball before VfB Stuttgart that course (I do not remember ) is on the plate to win, other full footwall wins and a draw accounted for the vast majority of.I got more than two years, my reasons are:! Macau is not a single white busy night matches, and perhaps this is a coincidence, but he appeared in an accident, I became particularly careful to change the original thinking.That is now changing the game of thinking, and not just half a year becomes once more a few weeks or a month or two, repeatedly changed! Now the opening will not blindly biased veterans, and novice would not have been continuously lose it, which is the proportion of veterans and novices gradually approaching.I put my ball into play: the observation period (not playing), try to stage (a little note) and bet on the (real betting).My point: when defeat and victory, to "avoid"; you do not understand Handicap direction and thinking, we should "avoid"; when you play should not be hesitant or playing ball - please Do not play the ball not sure, please do not play ball will regret it, do not play no reason to bet the ball.

Play ball, a great pleasure in life, and I enjoy it as enjoy favorite music, listen carefully, slowly feel I do not want to ever have (money), I just want to considerable period of time - and I hope that we can with her bald old!

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