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European Odds Analysis mantissa core theory

European Odds use to analyze the game of the Lottery will encounter many odds with the mantissa, such as William and Ladbrokes system, the odds often see such figures 2.62,2.37, etc., vary and move. Aocai standard pay more in the mantissa, these mantissa with Dell guru's words, are "half half", and thus presents a half semi-theoretical.

I am here to say that the core theory is half in Europe lost half numbers (eg 2.37 in 0.07) psychological position players subconscious. This is a vague concept, operability and combat sexual comprehend all depends on the player ability and my mantissa core theory both from half semi-theoretical, but also a continuation and development of half half Theory.

Previously said that more than half of the core theory is Europe lost half the number (or said to be even more appropriate mantissa) in the player subconscious psychological position, did not relate to the mantissa at odds in this genus induce or block or excessive etc. a series of questions. For convenience you can use half the semi-theoretical analysis of the game better, I am semi-theoretical half made a further continuation and development of the theory that comparative analysis between the size of the mantissa and psychological impact on players, Odds impact structure on the mantissa, mantissa psychological impact on the individual player, etc. The following practical examples to illustrate.

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09-10 Europa League 1/16 Eliminations (Bijia) Anderlecht 4: 3 Hamburg

William: 2.30 3.20 2.62

Ladbrokes: 2.38 3.20 2.60

Aocai: 2.25 3.23 2.75


The home team recently 7/1/2, 4/0/1 home, the home has three straight;

Away recently 4/3/3, 1/1/3 away, has three straight away;

Track: Hamburg home first leg 2: 1 victory over Anderlecht.

In this game we see Aocai pay Shengping Fu are marked with a mantissa, the outcome with 0.05, flat belt 0.03.From the absolute value to compare, 0.05> 0.03, from the mantissa profit point of view, 0.05 profit is greater than 0.03.But the players on the village opened odds psychological understanding, the small value should be optimistic about the outcome of the match Zhuang.That is, the village in order to reduce the debts, always possible to fight this one out the results open a small point mantissa (if the words will be a mantissa), while the other is unlikely to open one or two big points mantissa (if the mantissa will open it).This is a basic awareness of the odds ordinary players, in fact, too (if purely from payment of view).But we should know that the village opened for each game odds are very cautious, there is not only the game itself contains a village judge, also contains the basic attitude of the players on the game's judgment.So we say Aocai based games Shengping Fu odds are presented with a mantissa is a deep intent.So how do we analyze this game yet?We first have a general understanding of the fundamentals of it.Because this is a field in international competitions, the two sides belong to different against National League teams, it is necessary to understand the two teams fame (popularity index).From the fame, the hamburger is undoubtedly much to Biandelai.From the recent state point of view, the home team dominated, the home has three straight friends, while Hamburg is far from satisfactory, are three straight away.Because this is the home and away knockout, so we should know the results of the first leg match in the first leg at home in Hamburg 2: 1 victory over the opponent, possession of a certain initiative.

Look Aocai standard compensation, open 2.253.2/32.75, as we get rid of the integer, then becomes to the previous analysis of the fundamentals, the home team dominated the state, the visiting team away very unhappy lately, to the players on the customer wins compensation interested there is a certain degree of difficulty, but the visiting team than the home team much fame, so the player can only who pay attention shifted to flat, level compensation when you see 0.03 <outcome lose 0.05, naturally optimistic that the village in a draw, although profits low point, but at least a kind of sense of security.Coupled with the elimination of the visiting team will be able to break even as long as the home team's psychological, but also makes the players on the level of pay of warm temperature.So this game is concerned, we can draw the first rule according to the mantissa core theory.As for the customer wins the primary wins, or another set of theoretical system belongs to the.

From the above game, the odds appeared when a group of two to three different mantissa, be sure there is an ending in the village used to lure players, we can then combine by comparing the size of the absolute value of the fundamentals to analyze , you can know which ending lure components, it can exclude a result.

09-10 Bundesliga 28 Bayern Munich 1: 2 Stuttgart

William: 1.53 3.80 5.50

Ladbrokes: 1.50 3.50 6.00

Aocai: 1.50 3.80 5.50


The home team recently 5/3/2, 5/0/0 home next week at home against Manchester United in the Champions League knockout 1/8;

Recent visiting team 5/2/3, 2/1/2 away;

Track: 20/8/7, 11/3/2 home team.

In this game, look at William, Ladbrokes, early Aocai lost three village, only William's primary wins compensation 0.03 1.53 a mantissa with. Well, this ending lure or stop? We have one hand on the fundamentals a depth of interpretation, on the other hand also based games to William opened odds-depth analysis of the structure.

From a fundamental point of view, the home team current situation is not very good, but the home is unusually good, the track record in also accounted for an absolute advantage, do not even talk about fame.The away team in the Bundesliga where it can be considered a quasi-strong team, which is characterized by young players, and this is well known from the.Look at William based games 1.533.805.50, just a little to understand Europe lose players can see, this group of high level compensation odds.In general, 1.Low pay side 53 of the mix of level compensation may be 3.30,3.40,3.50,3.50 is a standard of comparison with relatively moderate, but the game William uncharacteristically high to the top level compensation 3.80, than the usual 3.75 also high 0.05.Clearly, this group William odds should be a very abnormal odds, since abnormal, I think William certainly has the game accurately judge Results.And we know the outcome level compensation for the services, play a regulatory role in the outcome.William is now open to the compensation level 3.Height 80, I think there should be the following effects: First, highlight the primary wins, level compensation of low pay high natural look low side; the second is the block level to Gaoping pay to stop the player to draw interest; Third lure level to high inducement; according to the previous analysis of the fundamentals, we can guess that you want players to customer wins is not an easy thing, the one main dominant track record, and secondly, the home team have ten game winning streak, three to lose the game as if the league will most likely not be ranked first, this is the club, the team and the players are not willing to see results.However, considering the home team next week at home against Manchester United in the Champions League knockout stages this theme, naturally worried about the home team in this game will be stay in force.Turned to level compensation, but saw the high level compensation stands like a wall in front of the same, psychologically it is difficult to accept.So I think this game William Gaoping compensation should act as a "highlight the main victory" role.Thus, to calm customer wins do not dare, and only blogger win.Coupled with primary wins as long as 1.50 very satisfied, (2/1/2 away from the visiting team's record, the home team one goal victory of hope is still very large, right) William coupled with a slightly larger point of meat 0.03, it is even more worth Bo.But we should understand that the village does not give us reason white meat of.In terms of the game, as you can not go directly to the visiting team, but at least the need for anti-big cold bar.

This type of mantissa speaking, the odds of the structure of the mantissa had a great impact, especially in the low level compensation, compensation for winning the greatest impact with the mantissa as level compensation open too high, low pay side but also with the mantissa, the fundamentals in the low pay and the dominant party, we must prevent their victorious up as level compensation is too low to open, natural look with a high-endian one odds, are often large block of ingredient more.

09-10 Bundesliga Hannover 28 1: 3 in Cologne

William: 2.25 3.25 2.90

Ladbrokes: 2.20 3.25 2.75

Aocai: 2.15 3.25 2.95


The home team recently 2/0/8, 1/0/4 home;

Recent visiting team 2/4/4, 2/1/3 away;

Track: 8/0/3, 4/0/1 home team, first leg Cologne 0: 1 Hannover.

Village by the first leg match in Cologne 0: 1 Hannover and Hannover to relegation as a theme, with a slightly higher level compensation, the players rush to the home team, which also belongs to the category structure have an impact on the odds of the mantissa.

09-10 Bundesliga Schalke 29 1: 2 Bayern

William: 2.60 3.10 2.60

Ladbrokes: 2.60 3.20 2.38

Aocai: 2.62 3.20 2.40


The home team recently 6/3/1, 3/1/0 home, the last round away 2: 0 win over title rivals Bayer Leverkusen;

Recent visiting team 4/3/3, 0/3/2 away, with the Champions League home 2: 1 spike old foes Manchester United;

Track: 10/12/14, home team 7/6/5.

Tip: This game is the Bundesliga top World War II, who wins and who boarded the top spot in the league, and the final to win the league championship and lay a good foundation; the visiting team Bayern Munich in the Champions League away game against Manchester United next week, as long as you can out of Manchester United and unbeaten entering the fourth strong.

On the game, the fundamentals are characterized by a distinctive, two teams of war need not doubt, but the player's psychological tendency to analyze, I think it tends to the home team paid more.why?As a home team current situation is good, nearly round only one defeat, the home is 3/1/0; while the visiting team will have a lot of uncertainty, instability in one state, the last round at home 1: 2 defeat to Stuttgart, the recent road more is recorded at 0 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses, the second is two games a week, physical fitness is a problem, the third is how the visiting team with emphasis on the Champions League like we unknowable, but feel more enthusiastic response on some of the Champions League, it would worry the visiting team Competition stay in force.When we have more in-depth analysis of the fundamentals, after, according to the European digital pay compensation to try to figure out village open mind, can play a multiplier effect.

Throughout the three Gaming company Early lose, we see the beginning of Ladbrokes and Aocai pay only with a mantissa, Ladbrokes lose customer wins in the opening 2.38, Aocai lose in the primary wins to open 2.62, from the size perspective, just one small.Well, take a look at the early Aocai lose it.2.62 3.202.40, we see the band 0.02 mantissa 2.62 is in the home position, according to the previous analysis of the fundamentals we know most of the players tend to the home team, so Aocai 2.62 = 2.60 + 0.02, William and Ladbrokes are two primary wins.60, Aocai is just so much 0.02, with a lot of players, then, here is Aocai give the players point "little meat" because the fundamentals are the main slightly dominant, so players Aocai little more out of this meat is not only offensive, but felt taste, that is picking up a little cheap, so there is kind of psychological security arrived to buy.Based on this, I think we can rule out the first three, if we believe the odds are not the probability, and if we believe the village can correctly determine if Results.After reading Aocai mantissa, mantissa look at it Ladbrokes.2.60 3.202.38 is a group of very common odds, also belongs to Dell guru said, "half half" theory category.According to "half half" theory we know that the odds of this group is composed of 2.503.202.50 derived from, the customer wins Ladbrokes 0.10 added to the main win compensation up, give customer wins compensation minus 0.02 "little meat", which became the current 2.60 3.202.38.Because 2.503.202.50 itself is a balanced figure, after this change, the it is unbalanced.As purely from the figures itself, 2.60 3.202.38 is slightly inclined to the visiting team, but if not the fundamentals, then this set of numbers is meaningless.Based on our previous analysis of the fundamentals, we know there are many negative factors the visiting team, so players will have their odds of this judgment.2 customer wins compensation.38 close to 2.40, but the fundamentals are unfavorable visiting team, players will naturally feel this 2.38 tasteless, not worth to buy, is neither safe nor lucrative returns, so psychologically he had a kind of rejection of the role of.In contrast primary wins 2.60 to 2.Some 50 hypertrophy, also has a strong resistance to Bo, as the home team can not worry about wins, the tie has three.Return 20.Look at William 3.10 also expressed concerns about the draw, the fundamentals in a draw too much.So whether it is from Europe or from the sub-standard disc The home team are worth the investment.But Zhuang giving the players will not be so white, so the visiting team within two minutes with two goals apiece.

Europe lost this game, only a mantissa very common, this ending was induced or blocked from the excessive role, we can be judged based on the fundamentals.

In addition, a group of species, there are two identical odds mantissa odds, such as William or Ladbrokes 2.25 3.20 2.75 2.10 3.25 3.05 Aocai etc., where the mantissa is played more often dispersed two-way and mutually dispersion effect, there is no longer illustrated.

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