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About some experience NBA basketball betting

NBA betting race of the season in fact it is particularly difficult, teams from time to time somehow the ball dropped, the underdog was so weak is no longer obvious, but in my betting process, or summarize some experience:

First, the flow, the most obvious example of this is the Clippers, and more recently has been for Win 7 times the Wizards 17-game winning streak when, in continuous Win one team in the process, must not be anti-play

Second, special Handicap, in my view, there are two kinds of NBA games Handicap final result would be more special, home to 2.5, usually visiting team Win, away to 7.5, usually visiting team Win

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Third, the teams platter, top teams once in the game let out somehow shallow dish, in all likelihood is to lose the

Fourth, the size of the ball, defensive-minded team when out of 185 points or more in the size of the ball, the basic play big ball, run and gun when the teams met just out of the size of about 200 points, basically the main ball

In short, the law is not always fixed, a lot of games and there is no fixed rule through most of the game have to be combined with the game background, battle history, the injury situation corresponding analysis, I hope my experience can bring a little help ʱ??

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