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Electronic Sic Bo Winning

It is said,Electronic Sic Bo The average kill rate Liucheng, Attu no exact figures, but Casino Let the machine continuously added, and observed every passing saw eight seats often almost a full house scene, the hearts of secretly calculations, this section machine without manual operation, saving of three shifts of labor, average per capita consumption of 500 yuan, then, every how substantial daily income.

And said electronic Sic Bo is man and machine to race betting by a person subject to make a choice, the machine before starting the draw, there is a world fair of how to not covered in this discussion, but both gambling OCI management, can be excluded the possibility of cheating, but Results surprising place, but often staggering, tried to have a mainland people, while betting big and small each 5,000 yuan, actually take-out around the dice.

According to Arturo said, regardless of thousands of square and hundreds, no one can beat this machine, and the odds this baby, with respect to manpower Sic Bo machine, and much higher, it is possible to do so attractive, it is estimated not just a savings in labor, but another mystery, which otherwise would it not be eliminated, but the fact they are not.

188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

Recently Attu finally met, a truly winning expert on this machine, at first refused to believe Attu, and later through the witness, together with the following three proved conclusive evidence she did not boast, it no doubt To to protect her interests, in this  to Tracy as a pseudonym, will she beat electronic Sicbo true story, made public enthusiasts.

The first proved her 2000 yuan for capital, it is possible to do stable insurance principal, there is the result of lower operating profit, profit may be just three of her a few hundred dollars, but can remain unbeaten, Attu already feel valuable, because Most involved in this Huozhongquli Game Who are disappointed with the response by the majority.

The second proved to be her cumulative casino points, every day more than 100 points, the score is 10-20 times the ordinary people, the electronic scoring dice treasure, is calculated bet, each will receive 600 yuan a bet points to accumulate 100 points, they need to bet $ 60,000 to win money in the process, is tantamount to licking the blood blade.

The third proved she can do the first two points, standing down every day to get sent flying and transfer to hotel room discount, that is in addition to Betting Sit and hope to win, accumulated a large number of points can be exchanged for a variety of betting coupons and gifts, but can still get the casino rooms, concert and buffet coupons, worth a lot of money.

The method is so old, it was not only buy big and buy a small, rather take the risk of opening around the dice, and some people with premiums of around three percentage, plus a full circumference, some people under one roof fifteen dominoes, and six lobe Craps, but the fact that this method is a failure, then what Tracy which method you can run things around it?

Electronic Sic Bo, also known as "Bouncing machine", named because the machine three tablets large dice when the draw by strong vibration machine, constantly being dubbed ricochet so, most of my friends can tell that is a bright, A chart also agree that it is a good name. morphology dice beats attracted a lot of people do not consciously obsessed, and even escape.

Basically no one can beat the machine, so Attu have advised you, not in the absence of other comrades seated, the single horse challenge "Bouncing machine", because the results alone, and is directed at the machine computer you lost a lot of opportunities. If there are other active comrades in the same field, the situation there is quite different from Zhuangke passengers off on the bet becomes mutual bet.

The second of the Code is "Bouncing machine" designer dice as to enclose the entire game design center, casino can make money out of the number of times around the dice, and there are no guests hit the shop, there is a close relationship  and, of course it would not be surrounded by people who had dice, otherwise there will be no one would bet around the whole circumference or single, but around the dice odds, to hide and seek with gamblers absolutely necessary.

Wai dice extended down, is the point at once, dice surface is large, small take-all, but eat less points, but the points themselves gamble dark water pumping rate is one, the number of points with only 4-17 points are its Second, once out of 3 6 1 or 3, that is 3 points and 18 points, but also to buy no buy take-all equal points, so at the appropriate time, we can give priority to all 1s and all 6-bet.

"Bouncing machine" is not just around the dice out, especially when there are guests at the sought after around the dice even more, this is mechanical wonders, because around the whole circumference and single odds, respectively 31 and 190 times, the casino will be heartache, but there is a case of exception, at the same time when a gambler bets on big, small two parties, or all everyone did not bet on the dice around, the situation highly dangerous.

In addition to points around the dice and outside, "Bouncing machine" against the object, the order would be double dice, dominoes, large only 1-6, and finally the size. It is clear to the odds for the warp, weft out frequency as to In the shave is definitely difficult by his difficulties .4 points at odds both with 17 points 62 times, 5:00 and 16:00, followed Craps is 12 times domino is 6 times.

Tracy said deconstruction mastery, she will be very enthusiastic about their experiences, without reservation tell interested comrades, and obligations as a guide, but also in their own real cases, such as guaranteed victory over high points accumulate, and Free Casino restaurants and hotel rooms, etc., as proof of her method of betting is invincible, successfully challenged the "Bouncing machine", to obtain the trust.

See here, I will be very impatient and want to know the secret of her win, right? Casinos are no losses, "Bouncing machine" program in business as usual, but Tracy enthusiastic guide in the process, to obtain the trust of everyone, According to her choreography bets, some all craps bet, all bets some points, some bets big, some small bets, while surrounded by dice part, shared by everyone in turn, but she certainly could stand to subtly Casino avoid pumping.

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