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I think that several methods can often win Sic Bo

Next Caishuxueqian, not talk, this can only express my opinion Sic Bo Often several ways to win, to Bo Zhongyou smile.

About Often win I think that may be implemented in the following ways:

1, funded, is a thousand times the base code.

Just by this, certainly often win. Not that you have 100W can always win, but you have 100W, fight 100-500 base code can certainly always win

2, look for advantage, playing defection.

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Many great men are relying on this method, Professor Haiyan, Cao Cao, etc. If you can find a positive EV, there are sufficient funds, can really win often, the key is, + EV easy to find.

3, lose a small win big

Since we do not have sufficient funds and have not + EV situations, and I think we should lose the key point in the above-small win big, rather than doing everything possible to find good cable or good investment law.

The long run, the outcome is the proportion of 50, so lose the small, but win big, indeed often win.

For example: Start the vote 2 to 1 vote, then wait until the outcome of the same, the end of this round.

He began to cast vote 2 lost 4, and then wait for the outcome of the same, the end of this round.

This method is not necessarily feasible, but this is an idea.

4, the expansion of cycle

There is a post that is one way to win the 8 years, are still to win. In fact, it is to expand the cycle, row 5-type cable.

A note every day, cultivate sentiments .3W principal of January profitable than 1W, is a good method. This method can often win, but apply to have a career, good attitude successful people use.

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