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Electronic Sic Bo Sic Bo machine and hand the similarities and differences

Earlier in this column written electronic Sic Bo machine, and made the two questions are questioning why this machine off first bet before the dice roll in transparent overlay draws and dice why Aberdeen is not transparent, it is Dice suspect into another mystery, in fact, the two points really and hand Sic Bo Draw the way back to the differences, which is even more convinced.

This question is not directed at any one Casino Because to Attu shuttle casinos have seen, Sic Bo machine chosen by the same manufacturer supply used, is the same model, so the difference does not exist, but likes to play electronic Sic Bo customers very much, and often packed, the more manpower to open Sic Bo is more lively color.

Prior to the Lunar New Year, Attu glad to see the birth of a new electronic Sic Bo machine, as this and the old machine that can accommodate eight customer machines actually good advice, as proposed by the Attu, the elimination of the two suspects net to make, the new models appear on the Grand Canal Playground, Only one, I believe that if popular, it will be springing up.

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Attu not wait for test, initial feeling satisfied, first appearance, the actually using a transparent overlay with metal cover design, completed in payouts, immediately lowering the metal cover, and then use an electronic oscillator shake dice, we hear "Luo, Luo, Luo" three times, began to bet this point, precisely answer why not roll dice first, and then by injection of doubt.

Sheng uploaded dice disc made of plastic, white background favorable internal television broadcast camera lenses, three dice red transparent, and hand Sic Bo used the same or similar, volume is similar, though not as old distance big grain white solid dice clear, but in their own betting screen has broadcast the results clearly, more importantly, it is the second point, do not doubt there are electronic organs within the dice Aberdeen.

Amazing design, there are three available bettors choose a screen, from complex to simple, each suitable for their style, and data, by a large number of fine proportions shop, surrounded by dice out times and points, as well as the trend of the road Table and beads Odds readily available, and data storage up to 200 shop, even if the casino is not placed road paper and pen, will not have any complaint.

Bet buttons clear exquisite, coupled with a touch thin, "beep, beep" sound, no longer use the older towed, so the chance of inadvertently greatly reduced, commendable, and four silver code can bet for selection, use more handy, more fun to play together when Attu test, although the first shop immediately encountered three tablets two, out around the dice, betting Fortunately, the rest of 300 yuan a large fine, to pay back a note 10 yuan around the dice, not caused by take-all new machine size, all under 1 lost around 31, there are ten dollars profit, finally took a prize.

This stage, if you do not indulge in open dice, dice roll uncertain stimulus presentation Attu, the new machine, "Security" is higher than the old machine, but still that one, to have any gambling drama profit really it is not easy, just as the government urged the public to indulge Gambling Equal to pour money into the sea, congratulations everyone rich.

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