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Yuxia Sic Bo game play and rules

Yuxia Sic Bo game

Yuxia Sic Bo game play:

Yuxia Sic Bo game Also a Casino games, But many Betting Players of this game is not very familiar with this type of game and the odds with another method SicBo gambling game is basically the same, but the use of the dice by the fish, shrimp, crab, money, gourd and chicken pattern instead of points. Fish crabs game originated in China, in the south was a fairly common folk are gambling now in Macau Casino This method is still betting. Now I'll tell you Yuxia game Sic Bo terms.

According to the provisions of Macau dice legislation Yuxia Xie used are as follows:

Pattern color dots

~ A little red fish

~ Shrimp green two o'clock

~ Hyacinth blue three

~ Money blue four points

~ Crab green five o'clock

~ Chicken red six

Yuxia Sic Bo game rules:

The first device

A. three dice, different patterns, colors and points were engraved on each dice plane, distributed as follows:

Pattern color dots

1. The little red fish

2. shrimp green two o'clock

3. Three blue hyacinth

4. Money blue four points

5. crab green five o'clock

6. chicken red six

Three dice equal weight, completely balanced, both positive and negative points of each are all seven.

B. A special dice cup, is structured as follows:

(A) a circular cup base, black opaque, with a handle connected to the lower glass substrate, a transparent glass on the floor inlaid, three dice placed in the glass;

There is another cover to cover  glass, the lid can be opened, color, material and cup holder on the same (two) glass, both sides of the lid of each cup and cup holder buckle tied.

C. Yuxia Sic Bo card shall be printed on a variety of three dice bet.

The second start betting

Player before betting, dice cup Zhuang charge shall cover the glass cover, the cup lid with buckle fastened with a cup holder, and then press the handle three times in a row, so that the dice bounce in the glass, placed the table of " Betting treat "light plate light , Player can start betting.

Article III program

A. Before opening dice: Trang Dutch press ring the bell, indicating stop betting, while the Netherlands have to use Chinese village called "open" open dice indicate.

B. When open dice: Dutch village will open cup buckle, thrown off the cover, will open the results were announced, while the lights will win the lottery each petal .

Alice C. Die: village bearing the cup lid when opened, found stacked dice or leaning against injustice, Dutch village council was declared invalid, then proceed to another bureau beginning of the program and acceptance of new bets, the original note can not be canceled.

Article lost note

Dutch village will not lose complete each winning note, the dealer may not be cup lid cover.

Article bet

Player can bet on the following valve:

A. "small" - the sum of the three dice points from the plane of 4:00 to 10:00.

B. "big" - the number of points by the sum of three dice plane of 11:00 to 17:00.

C. "armed forces" - a pattern of each and dice plane.

D. "Monochrome" - the result out of the grain of the bets of color appeared only (Note: Two for three tablets or nothing bet of color appear both as input).

E. "color" - the color 两粒 bet it appeared out of the results. (Note: If one, three tablets or nothing bet of color appear both as input)

F. "designated tri-color" - three dice appear the same color as the betting.

G. "any tri-color" - the color of the three dice are the same plane.

H. "designated around the dice" - a pattern of three dice of the same plane.

I. "Any Wai dice" - any pattern of three dice of the same plane.

J. "points" - the sum of the 4:00 to 17:00, three dice points of the plane.

Article odds

Article kinds Odds sequence is as follows:

A. "small" - a pay doubled.

B. "big" - a pay doubled.

C. "armed forces"

"Investment in a dice pattern specified plane" - a lose doubled

"Specify the plane hit two dice identical pattern" - a lose twice

"Vote in three dice specify the same planar pattern" - a lose three times.

D. "monochrome assigned" - a pay doubled.

E. "specified color" - a lose three times.

F. "designated tri-color" - a pay twenty times.

G. "any tri-color" - a pay sevenfold.

H. "designated around the dice" - a lose one hundred fifty times.

I. "Any Wai dice" - a pay round-fold.

J. "Points" --4 and 17:00 - a lose five times.

--5 And 16 points - a lose 18 times.

- 6 and 15 o'clock - a lose 14 times.

--7 And 14:00 - a lose twelve times.

- 8 and 13 o'clock - a lose eight times.

- 10, 11 and 12 o'clock - a lose six times.

Full Article dice

If the flat pattern of the same three dice, takes all "big" "small" each note.

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