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Sic Bo Tips and betting strategy - Article List - Page 4

The Venetian in Macau Casino Play a return Sic Bo Slightly some experience, and I hope to share.First for the 3000 Hong Kong dollars in chips, playing one hour more, 19:00 to leave, profit 1200, only play Sic Bo.The following are some of the real fee …… [Read more]

Play a month Sic Bo And found that I quite fit to play this, and has been profitable, little thoughts to share with you.I am here just to say I play rules, for capital planning and control here is not to talk about it.First, in fact, and Sic Bo Bacca …… [Read more]

I bet the usual seven cable law, as follows:1000.1000.1000.3000.6000.12000.26000 total silver code 50000Second ﹑ ﹑ 4 ﹑ five and six eloquence in play, the third port still buy a thousand shall then still lose 1 in a thousand, but easily recovered, bu …… [Read more]

Sic Bo In fact, there are two main shaking method, think and dealers have a great relationship, and other owners after the general charge End Note, the big screen in front of the dealer points which should occur in combination Casino Greater profit, …… [Read more]

First, the problem statementPlayers first select the bet number of chips, then choose to buy big or buy small, determined the three Dice Randomly generated by the system program three random numbers from 1 to 6, if these three numbers are the same, r …… [Read more]

Most people only in Macau Casino Or Online Casino Lane Played Sic Bo What American casino Sic Bo has not the same? Rule and how today Betting guide To introduce the next American casino Sic Bo Game a Craps The first round is called throwing …… [Read more]

Sic BoGame It is filled with three in a cage Dice Flip shake dice roll cage to make people play from 1-6 can bet any number, as long as a number of dice appear, he said when he got the money he bet several participants often think: If this cage There …… [Read more]

The following is a loss that broken Game Luanxiang reconciled after .. Please suggest any errors or ignore the problem .. First leopardToo depressed .. So from the beginning of permutations and combinations ..Suppose there are N points on the line A, …… [Read more]

Dice It is the earliest Gambling One of appliances. In this article I will discuss only the standard of modern dice. Such natural dice are cubes, each side has a number of points, which points 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 respectively on opposite sides on the num …… [Read more]

That is, and we see six sides Dice Like to throw two dice, dice roll after stop, after summing up the points to determine winners and losers. Gambling dice on the table slightly elevated, allowing rotation of the dice hitting the wall and then bounce …… [Read more]

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