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Sic Bo Tip: TRI 10 straight cable Heart

The following is a bet:

Bet periods if the current cumulative surplus accumulated profit and loss if Yu



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Sic Bo Betting Heart:

1, is still law of large numbers, extremes meet, in front of less, will be more later, we examine how Sic Bo The digital record, we know that after a number of intensive always slowly cools, and then slowly becomes hot.

2, because of the limited-limit and principal straight cables can not be too long, so you can use straight waiting to extend the length of the cable, such as partition 3 and then embrace, had the equivalent of 10 type 13 type of cable.

3, this cable is best suited to play Sic Bo of the armed forces, and why? Because the size of the face around the playing dice (leopard) would be wiped out, fight the armed forces on the contrary, experiencing a double number (eg 225,255) a lose two, Wai dice (222,555) compensates three, if they double the number in the first eight,

Profit is closing withdraw 10200 * 3- accumulated bets (10200 + 9700) = 10700, what cable can achieve this rate of return? Even if not met, or around double the number of dice, there Shaoshao profit maximum profit point is to double the number or around dice, Sic Bo is double the number of very frequent.

4, how the probability of armed forces? Probability SicBo in absolute numbers is not a 5 * 5 * 5 = 125/216, then at least a certain number of probability (216-125) / 216 = 91/216 = 42.12%, while there is a two or three a figure only once, if the statistical probability of occurrence of a digit of the total number of periods should be 50% (1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 = 1/2), lower probability than size, there is no risk around dice.

4, the most important thing is betting entry point to foolproof, the election in cold 9 before the number, and then every other second-hand cable.For example, the number 1, did not come out the front nine, the first 10 out, 11 and 12 do not vote, if 11 to 12 did not come out, 13 cables starting with 10 straight up until the date.But such bets fewer opportunities, can reduce the requirements, see every other five was out of digital, every two began to chase.I have statistics, 400 period 13 phenomenon not only 1-2 times, but not after the cold numbers and then cold for so long.Therefore, in order to circumvent the tragedy could not break the cable 13, to observe the previous record, the figures whether the recent open too dense?To even out as double the number two, around when even the three dice, if it is invigorating venues, then safely recover, if more intensive, or do not chase it.Why must the cold numbers after a number of catching?Because of the cold numbers are cold, absolutely no longer a long-term cooling of the reason.With this observation, even if the election was out of the compartment 4 digital chase also pretty safe, because disguise (compartment 3 up) straight cable up to 13 or more, if not his wife is too bad, usually tricks.

5, why begin to vote 100? Because after two out of every other number than the frequency after the number are higher, to earn one of the 100, otherwise every time earn 50 too slow ah.

6, why the straight cable without the first 11? Because I Lisboa in Macao, the Sic Bo table games could only pay 60 000, so the design of the cable when it is necessary to limit attention to red, the second is to pay attention to the highest color ʱ??

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