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Two mysteries electronic Sicbo machine

Attu among gamblers to Baccarat Fans, followed by turn Sic Bo Only once and then turn Fantan Blackjack As for like Electronics Game Machine Zheyi big lack of people, in short differ from each other, what they want, there is no right and wrong, or the number of points and the number of vain, lottery difficult, but it was the same, as long as you good fortune, will be able to point stone into gold.

Amigos Anthony is a fan of Sic Bo, the next he is in love, and even electronic Sic Bo spared, he likes the latter reason is because the odds of the latter, the former is far more attractive. In addition to the large and small odds as outside buy odds in points, electronic Sic Bo machine is much higher, for example, out of 4 or 17:00, electronic Sic Bo machine odds are 81 times, had 50 times the manpower Sic Bo.

Out of the whole circumference of the case, electronic Sic Bo machine odds 31 times, 24 times the manpower Sic Bo had large numbers only aspect, single dice, craps same pay 1 to 1 and 1 lost 2, but if out of the three dice, electronic Sic Bo machine up to 1 odds lost 12, with the traditional three dice lost 3, a difference of four times. So the odds to attract customers become patrons of reasons, but whether you have to produce the same as Anthony doubt, is why the electronic machine can Sicbo offer higher odds.

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Casino Eucalyptus is very straightforward answer is that saving three shifts exigencies of manpower to monitor each Sic Bo table three terms, needs nine three by three passengers, payroll money, but the electronic Sic Bo machine Year-round day 24 hours non-stop operation, the operating costs are much cheaper.

Also some friends never left the electronic Sic Bo machine that the world is not so cheap things, casinos will not do business at a loss, fleece, the higher the odds, depends more criterion killing injection to balance.

Sic Bo authenticity of electronic machines, there are two different arguments, square think the casino opened the door to do business, and that there are little tricks of reason, justice must be upright, and electronic Sic Bo-top transparent naked, dice, including beating Draw process is clear, open and transparent ballot machine 6HC same color when no false flower.

Opposition has put forward two rebuttal, the first electronic Sic Bo machine glass tank top is really transparent, and the frequency of the dice beats very dynamic, but three large dice Quefei itself transparent, and the transparent use of manpower Sic Bo dice Aberdeen , a significant difference is that the "content" Look impermeable, arouses suspicion.

The second is the manpower or Sic Bo and Baccarat Fan Tan, is the first roll dice Aberdeen, first grab share, or pre-wash only good cards for guests to bet, bet the customer actually Results have been fixed and will not change, But electronic Sic Bo machine is just the opposite, everyone is waiting to buy a set from the hand, began to roll out of the dice Aberdeen result, if the computer "has knowledge" of words, so why not unfair? Would a more equitable approach is to first seal The lid cover dice rolling process, by injection and then start, stop, open the cover by injection after announcing the results, and now science is developed, both electronic dice treasure, not to mention the above-mentioned "project" can not do.

This two doubts for hope wise person will receive advice, but will be a big dice anatomical display, or will not be able to shake the dice just published by injection of difficulties, when anti-party who can explain the wild speculation, after all, chess and mahjong electronic Duiyi machine, giving people the impression that all belong to intelligent machinery, lightly beat the person you want is not easy.

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