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Macau casino gambling rookie trip

For the first time to visit a number of attractions in Macau Tour Macau landmark buildings such as - Ruins of St. Paul and Matsu in sight overlooking the sea Goddess of Mercy Australia krypton hairpin twist

Macau, a real small place, just over 20 square kilometers, population 600,000, however, may not be a big and Shanghai street or township within the jurisdiction area and population, but most see Macau mostly churches, museums, hotels, especially hotels in and around the pawnshop.

Guide is Ms. Lu was born in Taiwan, according to her, since Macao returned to the motherland to the foreigners has become more scarce, the economic contribution of Macau is Macau mainland tourists Isles, pushing her to add black Haven travel.; leave Macao, she pushing a versatile technology watch.

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Indeed, one of the few tourist attractions in Macao wonderful. Repeatedly mainland tourists to visit Macau, mostly to gamble as interest.

Casino Lisboa Casino in Macau is the leader, visited the two casinos, including Casino Lisboa. If there is any impression of Macau casino, then it is on the desktop chips are more than hundred Hong Kong dollars, more Genting First casino hand is relatively large, this number will be under no bet or small retreat mainland tourists. In addition, the Lisboa casino across the street is the Bank of China.

May be prejudiced's sake, do not always feel that Macau casino Genting casino that has an affinity.

Macau casino Genting casino as a lack of peace and quiet.

For example, into the Genting casino casino will give visitors a bargaining chip;

For example, to play the slot machines, the casino in Genting are seats, the number of machines also, Benedict yo can play;

For example, in the Genting casino on how games are played in the Chinese instructions in English;

For example, in the Genting casino and bookmakers have more than size to the size of the gambling license occurrence probability of winning or losing.

Malaysia Genting casino seen cross over Macau casino in Genting people, you can take what we need, always find their favorite entertainment places and enjoy the view of the place.

Macao to leave that morning, from the Lisboa Casino in the south near the lake of tables and chairs, the continent saw a woman sitting in a daze. According to her own account, from the north to Macau has been a few days, yesterday luck well, everyone knows the twists and turns of million won, she lost a few thousand dollars to bring her:... "Her hands have a bargaining chip, now go inside the game, Bo Hui toll continent"

The tour guide said: "Macao people do not gamble, Macau Candu civil servants are not allowed, if 1.3 billion people mainland to Macau once gambled once, Macau and tourism will be as prosperous."

If there is any cultural landscape of Macau, it is that in the morning, to see so many students carrying bags, accompanied by a parent, by motorbike or walking to school.

Macao people are punctual traffic rules. In case of a red light, will take the initiative to stop and wait for traffic. Street vehicle, wells orderly, street parking, very well-behaved, on the road or parked motorcycle car see much, almost rare Cycling, in front of Casino Lisboa, parked tricycle.

In addition, tourism food, quality of service is not in place in Macau eat, the food quality is not in place, like a big canteen units in mainland dining.

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