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Secret Macau casino VIP hall Insider

Macau gambling industry to high-end evolution has become a trend, but as a high representative, expand Macau VIP hall is taken for granted. So these Lounge inside the Macau casino insider how? Highest chips, there is no specified maximum bet? Who can enjoy huge credit. Here you announced.

The largest casino chips is 2 million yuan

Biggest bargaining chip

Macau gambling industry since its inception, has a VIP room.According to informed sources, more than 80 percent of casino revenue comes from the "idlers not allowed" in the VIP room.Casino VIP hall, have unannounced visits to reporters witnessed the highest face value of 10 million chips, a bet several hundred thousand dollars on the table a winning or losing millions.The casino, a staff member said, in fact, the largest casino chips of 200 million! Some eight or ten Hawker time charge, an output that is a thousand million.In the VIP room, there are some super VIP, they can enjoy a huge line of credit.Insiders say, the casino informant already formed an amazing network, they even have a private detective company, sometimes some special guests just entering the casino, guests of the information has been sent by fax to the casino, so the casino can do immediately a reaction, "even if the guests do not have so much cash, the casino will be in guests 'family property' limit, will give him a bargaining chip.".Some media reports, the former chairman of Gome Huang Guangyu, in a Macau casino lost a total of more than HK $ 10 billion, while the Macau casino to Huang's high credit in the second half of 2007, up 300 million, HK $ 400 million.

Underground banks

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So, these gamblers how to bet big bucks to get in Macau it? It is understood that the general small gamble gamblers to Macau directly with cash or through online transfer you can, and if it is particularly high stakes, we must through underground banks a. a sum of ten million dollars of funds, gamblers on the 21st will be stored in underground banking mainland renminbi, tomorrow you can with banks out of a receipt, get the corresponding dollar in Hong Kong or Macao, or HK. Whether you're at the airport, hotels or casinos, banks will be holding staff check or cash you need, made a special trip to send.

Lounge scene

In the evening, very lucky, I entered the VIP room Casino King, or unfortunately, outside the tall and mighty foreign guard, a piece of glass floor under BRIC, reveals the King's deep pockets; Access Lounge also have to over electronic door, carry things have to let the guard go over; do not worry about snobbery, they will not because you refuse you wear, although I was a student filled a lot of eyebrows, they look to all are "Treasurer."

Lounge little room hung with fine golden framed paintings and a suit of armor, I saw a movie to see the scene, a private room guest sitting week, the table was a large rectangular chips, a high stacks of folded, push needed to move to a situation, uniformed send cards gracefully in front of the cards sent to each player.

The private room four players, three men and a woman, the table is estimated at around ten million chips afterwards, when I look on to lose four, they squandered a lot, as if it was just nice chips, I can not imagine them How to make money, so do not hesitate to underground injection, and I see it is the labor of countless people, and instantly vanished.

Grand Lisboa Casino

Lisboa with its exaggerated shape and changing light to attract the attention of every visitor in the lobby furnishings Yuanmingyuan horse head, reveals Dr. achievements and wealth, the venue crowded, colorful characters - each casino has a steady stream Each casino different styles, each casino has scheduled shuttle, free shuttle to shuttle different casino gamblers, the casino as well as free food and drinks, all kinds of style performances, so you excitement regulate mood, magnificent decoration, gentle waiter, fascinated with everyone present, the casino is surrounded by pawn shops, banks, exchange money here changed the taste, worthless, nothing can be discarded.

Really I believe, some people will breadwinner old brain whole lost money; really believe, flourishes not a dream; really believe, some people will take a gamble on the size of the Poverty Alleviation Fund 200 000; really I believe, the money or the casino; really believe, and sometimes the money is no longer the money; really believe that, and I hate that feeling!

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