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Macau Macau casino stack code earners Secret Insider

Stack code earners Also called "Diego yards Aberdeen"Macao stack code earners who is popular with the staff working health agency, responsible for the work is for gamblers looking for resources with gamblers to the casino to casino, so the casino gaming revenue increase, while he gets a commission from Macau stack Code earners in the end how many people, is still no standard to say, but the people are not only much less. These stack code earners Macau casinos are well aware of the insider described.

"Stack yards earners" is the protagonist of Macau casino

Ten nine eat sleep, this is the "stack yards earners" Wen-Qiang Zhang is now the law of life, which is required for professional, because he is prey to irrational gamblers bet these gamblers no day and night, they bet to tired eat, eat and you still can not stand, sleep, sleep not for a while, then he struggled up and continue to gamble - the so-called "ten eat nine sleep."

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"Stack yards earners" way of life now is very direct: if I borrowed 100,000 chips to you, you go, win, win once every 1/10 draw, lose, you only count the interest.

Wen-Qiang Zhang favorite finds, are those "good luck but big ambitions of people," they borrowed chips will continue to win, and then continue to gamble, sometimes 100,000 1,000,000 capital pumped money back are possible. His most Of course, those pesky Cooler, finally finishing a bunch of formalities, toss half a day only then lent him a bargaining chip, and mixed all gone. It can only earn a little bit of "interest."

In fact, the "stack yards earners" is the protagonist in Macau casinos. Most of Macau casino revenue comes from Hawker desperately lounge, rather than midfield from popular entertainment, while guests lounge mostly "stack yards earners "brought in, even though some guests to the lounge of their own, because the state management of the exit of funds, gambling to a certain extent, they often need to" stack yards earners "borrowing some cash and chips, good to continue their fanaticism.

Destined to be "stacked codes earners" nibble gamblers

In this everywhere covered with blankets, soft floor of the casino, like Zhang Wenqiang "stack yards earners" so many, everyone eyes wide open, watching people look different.

Each "stack yards earners" looking for prey by a different method. Wen-Qiang Zhang rely on the eyes. As long as there are eyes flash of hesitation that point, Wen-Qiang Zhang can conclude that this person would be their "customer", and "Sooner or later, you want to ruin here," because gamblers are destined to be "stacked yards earners" eroded.

"Can I help you." This is usually the first thing Wen-Qiang Zhang opening and the second sentence is:. "I saw the front of the table games 'road' Well, a good chance to win back."

The so-called road, is the summary of a set of laws of the casino opening called the results, but the road there are thousands of sets, "in fact, is to convince their own set of rhetoric only." If he is found to the other eye of that hesitation, he will be chasing say "maybe a chance on the whole back." "generally escape these three words, they would ask, can you help me to pad some money chips to do things that you are pumping into how"

The next job is routine: "You have no car license plate number on how much you have no house, how much address in which what is your name what units in what?" Now mobile Internet search identified, his business formally opened.

The first two issues, Wen-Qiang Zhang is to determine their order of magnitude, to assess how much money they can borrow, how many yards wash, and in the end there is much risk. And behind that question, it is Wen-Qiang Zhang after pay talks weapons.

But, in fact, this is a fine living. "Money can not lend him too much, to not starting, committed suicide, or else not only their own money back, but also attracted a lot of trouble, but if too conservative, and often earn money, or by others robbed the business, to bet on this, no one wants a little more capital, turnaround back immediately. "

The constantly changing profession

Zhang Wenqiang do "stack yards earners" do this line for nearly nine years. In these nine years, "stack yards earners" This profession is also constantly changing.

Previously, "stack yards earners" main job is to introduce some of the guests from mainland China to various casino lounge to meet their various needs: the best food, the best woman, best compliment, even the best "friendship" and let them excited, so that they can easily break through their defense, to the casino to bet all their fate then bets from the guests, and extracted a discount.

And now, most people know their own areas to casinos, even directed at the casino come, "stack yards earners" work began to become lenders, and borrow money to those who bet on the red-eye.

Casino, everything is "good"

Macau casino lighting is very special, there are some gorgeous, but also a little bleak. Insiders say, do not underestimate everything here constitute, in fact, very elegant, such as lights, then again a little brighter or darker will not work, have been estimated Such lighting, day or night, customers come here from the outside, there will be a little awkward, if there are unexpected sense, many people may not be long before it will go. Then, the brightness of the light will make people forget the time forget the time a casino must do, which is why the casino a display time tools are not a lot of people play here one day, I thought just an afternoon.

There is also a casino a "sign" monitor, what role do they have because a lot of gamblers have been taught that there is gambling, there is routine, one for each of the signs to be displayed opened gamble, gambling is a plot of gambler is like a movie constantly show, they think of their own at any time seen a "road", sit down bet, this bet, rightly or wrongly, he went away this time. If is lost, they immediately think of another "road", and go on to win even more strengthened.

There are distribution tables, do not think they are arbitrary arrangements. In fact, psychologists measure passed, gamblers inner struggle how long it takes, they will try to use the distributed gaming tables away out of the casino gamblers time, many would have won the money go man, go to go out of that table, the chips bet up again.

And most damage trick when each opening, licensed dealer must bite at the clock, those gamblers out of the casinos, where you hear a similar tone, there will be an urge to gamble.

Each one affects all gaming tables in Macau

There are 550,000 residents of Macau, the Macau gaming industry related employees a total of about 6.5 million people, most of the others in the gaming derivatives industry. However, the majority of the people of Macao for gamblers and those interests of the chain of people have a sense of isolation In fact, perhaps the whole Macau are and these people have a sense of isolation.

The unit is an unknown Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, the Bureau of the HKSAR Government supervision and management of the gaming industry representatives, the staff said to have 300 people, is one of the largest Government department. Scope of their jurisdiction, from casino located in what place, how much the amount of capital invested, down to each "slot machine" (slot machines) are placed where, each electronic surveillance "Probe" On what position, all have to go through their approval. Even after casino money is not , each table cash out there to monitor the government to come forward, so as to ensure the complete number of taxation.

Macau is such a chain, government surveillance casino owner, casino boss Lounge rentals, monitor inside the order, so each one will affect the whole gaming tables in Macau, however, in turn, will constitute the entire Macau actually a gaming tables, serving hardware, but as far as the inside story and destiny happened, and Macao relations are not so straightforward. Therefore, most of Macao people, especially the staff at the casino, everyone learned an avoidance right and wrong, never indifferent capacity.

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