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Betting Guide: Macau Casino Insider Secret

Macau as a casino than 160 years of history. 1847 has been Gambling Legalization decree.Casino Money was easy, that gamblers who "generous" and some lose Hawker is a thousand million. Of course, this is not the ordinary people gamble scenes can be seen, but from those "idlers not allowed" The VIP lounge.

Intimate lounge

SJM a senior sources, they will be the guests lounge is divided into three grades, this has also set up a customer service department. Guests will enjoy the different grades of service different treatment, and the highest treatment who can enjoy free access Lisboa hotel best suites, the best restaurants, limousine transfers and even cash can not take a huge bargaining chip, etc. can be received.

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The casino know how these "VIP" How many family property? Insider told the informant casino already formed an amazing network. Sometimes some "distinguished" guests just entering the casino, guests of the information has been sent by fax to Casino a department, then the casino will be able to react immediately, "even if the guests do not have so much cash, the casino will be in guests 'family property' limits will give you a bargaining chip."

The relationship between the various casino lounge and casino owners between the stalls were similar to the relationship between the contractor and the hiring person, but not the same that year Stanley Ho Duting attaches great importance to each, one by one every night he phoned each main hall, asking day operation. major Duting main hall have their own backing, such as the Family (the Hua) Jincheng Duting, Wu Wei (Wei downtown) New World Duting, Wu Liqun (group God) The Imperial Court Duting, Ma Man Kei Macau political godfather's son Ma Youli (MA Skiles) Operating Lisboa Taiwan Office, Mr Fung Macau Grand Lisboa property hive Duting like.

Because of SJM's parent STDM owns a large number of hotels in Macao, aviation, transportation, food and entertainment industries, according to various Lounge "chips" sales degree, SJM will be free allocated to each respective hotel VIP hall, tickets , tickets, catering and entertainment services as well as the amount, so that each hall better to draw guests. SJM will also help them set up a VIP reception in Hong Kong.

Sands Playground Opened in time, but also specifically for the "VIP" provide value-added services, which opened at the top of the 51 luxury VIP rooms will not be open for business, these rooms are only open to the casino as a VIP.

SJM Duting decoration and daily expenses by the Office of the master is responsible, the staff is "STDM" unified recruitment and training, and so, the "STDM" to each Office dated 80 million "dead code" to flow, and give a business the amount, if digest 700 million yuan chips per month, it can get one-third of profits.

Insiders say, who owns a luxury lounge, main hall will mean tens of millions of steady annual income.

Enter the casino must pass through security doors, security check.Men carried into the large package was put deposit bag at the security procedures following inspection procedures and access to the airport terminal when exactly the same: to pull out all her metal objects, together with the carry-on items for consideration by the security personnel to check.But also strict than airport security, not allowed to bring cameras, camera equipment into the casino forbidden to take pictures, this is the law of the provisions of Macau.Casino security is the first consideration casino owner, is also where the most stringent government oversight.Formed in Macau Judiciary Police Department has a casino inspector, responsible for policing the casino, day and night, 24 hours to send some police officers on patrol duty in the casino, but the casino itself more closely to prevent monitoring device, detailed.

It is said that the entire light Lisboa Casino is equipped with more than 600 television surveillance cameras, at the Lounge is even more intense, and it is taken from various angles around the clock casino in every corner of the case (except the bathroom outside), minutes and seconds It does not leak. These devices only for casino employees with oversight, not for the customer. Otherwise who would dare to casino?

However, these monitors do play a deterrent role, the staff whenever leaving the gaming tables, should face "Probe" to expand his hands, swat swat clothes, did not get something to show. Casino cheating once found the staff, will undoubtedly expelled , no mercy.

Casino intermediary "Diego yards earners"

In Macau, Due Betting Long-term prosperity of the industry, the gaming industry also relatively circulation words, most people have little knowledge of one or two, but in the professional dealers Lounge casino known the extent of the "language" of the unusual.

Macao people "casino" is called "lucky gambling", the casino called "casino", this is the self-government, the people down to the prevailing norms of the title. To open a casino in the casino known as the "banker" , making this concept is introduced casino term from Taiwan.

Literally only to guess the meaning of the words in the casinos, it will fork up to the crossroads. For example, "boat" means the licensing officer and dealer contacts between. As another example, some of the big gamblers to the casino, with credit Duting form to return "mud code", the so-called "mud code" is the only bet but not instant cash chips, is usually presented to the new players for trial use, automatically become official after betting chips. gambling off to "mud code" gamble on the tables, winning is available to "chips" that can be converted into cash code (chips).

According to insiders judgment, Macau casinos currently around 2.2 billion transactions mud yard every day, so the other one big industry, "Diego yards earners" came into being.

Lounge around big gamble gamblers, often can see a specializing service personnel, tea and bottled water, helping to change the chip, delivery of food, these people are Macau's unique "iterative code earners" role. Competent The "Diego yards earners" all agile, able to provide their own "dependent" of the big gamblers take care of all services.

Diego code system can be said to be a betting intermediary Macau original mode of operation, engaged in gaming agency staff called "iterative code earners."

"Diego yards earners" job is to find gamblers tourists, encourage gamblers to casino gambling, so the casino gaming revenue increase, while they derive a commission. Diego early code system already exists in Macau Entertainment Co., Ltd. was established, but not widespread. to the mid-eighties of the last century, allowed gambling casinos in Macau wide hall, in order to find more gamblers tourists, the important role of intermediaries prominent role. According to statistics, the distribution ratio of net income as follows Macau gaming : 40% of government tax revenue to pay 40% of income paid to intermediaries known as "Diego yards earners", the remaining 20% ​​belong to the company and to pay government taxes, 70% from "Diego yards earners" and "contribution." ʱ??

For a long time, Macau "Diego yards earners" in addition to exchange of mud code to the guests to get huge profits outside, sometimes referred to achieve the interests of gamblers lending, usurious loans are generally loans.

General "Diego yards earners" will not directly participate usury activities, mostly referral does not involve illegal acts. But there are many "Diego yards earners" engaged in usury referral activities. Therefore, the system is actually a code Diego "double-edged sword", the development of its Macau gaming plays a role in promoting and facilitating; on the other hand, it is indeed derived from usury, and so many negative issues involved in the underworld

The main source of casino revenue

A very professional titles: "dealer" they consistently serious, unsmiling standing in front of gamblers, their licensing, for which money changers chips as gamblers services.

SJM casino dealer inside wearing a purple uniform, while Sands dealers dressed in black, in the past are pretty big dealer women, due to increased competition, manpower hard to find, dealers began to increase the number of men, according to SJM A responsible person, due to the increase in Macau casinos, manpower battle is already beginning.

In general, play Blackjack There are two table games dealers,Baccarat There are four, each table games have a Jianchang, they themselves are also dealers. The total number of people currently doing in Macao "dealer" is estimated more than 10,000 people.

If you deduct more than and less than Macao residents of working age, young and old class to differentiate between the actual length of service layer calculation, almost every individual over 40, there is a person in the casino when the dealer's.

In casinos, the dealer is the most front-line staff, and the most striking positions. They sit directly "village", and gamblers face to face, for the casino owners to winning. So, before each dealer posts, one must He holds a Macau police presented no criminal record and bad record "good card." The second is to go through rigorous training.

Dealer action more skilled, better grasp the rhythm, the casino will increase in profitability; if the dealer's action dragging its feet, not the gambler not only vigorously throughout the casino will appear lazy, that there is no due vigor. All the casinos are open 24 hours a day, so the dealer to take a day to go to work three shifts system, working eight hours a day, three days SJM take is a cycle, a period of three days to work to change the system.

In the Lisboa Casino VIP hall, a considerable part of the dealer have two decades of work experience, but they have never been involved in gambling.

Because he handled numerous gambling table chips, so a dealer can be "career banker", but not "professional gamblers"; the dealer can not play bet though, are quite can bet with research.

A dealer said the lounge had a knack for the winner: 1 into the casino not more than 30 minutes; 2 win five walk away; 3 initial bet amount as small as possible, so easy to win back their money; 4. . attitude is better, regardless of winning or losing, within half an hour to leave. In fact, many gamblers know that the above-mentioned "know-how", but not a few can follow this "know-how" to act. Generally gambler Well, attitude is not good.

Staff casino guests to play as long as look at what gambling licenses, that he is big or small gamblers gamblers play slot machines in the lobby, guests absolutely no big gamblers, mostly for the first time to the casino, or small players; those win or lose millions of dollars still face big gamblers do not change color, have been invited to VIP rooms, comfortably play their favorite "Baccarat" go.

Macau casino main source of income is that these are not like the exposure of big gamblers.Because of these big spender line casino "rice troupe", so the casino brains naturally attract them to patronize.In addition to free luxury Hospitality, there are free shuttle travel, in addition there will be a cash rebate or other gift.Hit big spender, "Diego yards earners" is close waited saddle before the horse.A "Diego yards earners" said, run into good luck, he can earn thousands of dollars a night.Gamblers win money, naturally not neglect those who serve Futie.The "Diego yards earners" said: "This line is extremely competitive, you do not pull the big spender, will be snatched others.Therefore you must be familiar with all your favorite big spender, and try to meet them."In fact, in Macau casinos, usually rarely seen foreigners, the vast majority of people of Asian descent, and these Asian people, on Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland-based.In recent years, while other Asian countries wealthy by the financial turmoil, and China has a number of emerging new rich, become the new target of the world's major casinos compete.ʱ??

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