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Is announced the results when people are concerned about Kim leading index, recorded a record-breaking increase in a rise of 89 basis points, compared to last year in November of old records, earn 15 pips to $ 100 per point calculation He this month's income is $ 8,900, with amateur gamblers, the end of good.

In the shortest number of days this month, Kim had a good start, do not the three days will be ahead of 23 basis points.

Unexpectedly into too sharp, too quick retreat, under no Immediately after, the index actually fell by 46 basis points, to negative 23 basis points, which fall together, so that Kim actually lose his cool when actually filling behind to catch up, greatly violated the His own stakes lifting mechanism.

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Kim also original and Attu, like combat chic good times, once in the face of adversity, then confusion, but fortunately Mr. King has always been battle-hardened man, and his Mong weak index Verily reliable, so in a very short period of time , Mr. King will reply intellect, and gradually regain lost ground, to the end of the month counts, accidentally got a good harvest.

The subject of this article, is Mr. King felt like it, to remind myself and a fellow congregation, in the face of adversity, or simply, the hand-wind flow, it is best to pause for a moment, to make a short break to calm down ,go away Casino Is the wisest approach, it is forbearance temporary calm, take a step back even better high, so bad luck away from their only start again.

Set up stop-loss position is also a good way, you can prevent yourself out of control, casually catch up and to the failure. Stop-loss limit casino truth as red as to prevent the other endless raise it, so can guarantee backward in time, regardless of the consequences The pieces, must remember that Rome was not built in a day, but it can be destroyed.

When in a negative way, most of my friends will feel impatience, look forward to a return of the shop, heal their wounds, this idea is the most dangerous, however, because a lot of people inside pocket money, even within the ATM card wealthy, Even so a shop down a paved lose, lose big is beyond redemption, so flat injection method is always the highest.

Behind the goal should be re-established, less is a good way to lose when you win, do not give yourself challenges, comfort themselves can recover lost ground will count half, in fact, when the dawn reproduce, getting better, the mere half loss will be in the range within range, to lose just one percent, semi-finished, it is already not the same thing, even if there is no problem the next revenge.

Being chased casino, only sigh own bad luck, resigned bet is to follow the Mong people, the number of re-start to the outcome, if you remember three kinds of luck, this is the second, borrow someone else's fortune, which is certainly not Wan test Souls, but compared himself angrily to catch up, it always wins a chip,Betting Unlike other initiatives, not seize the day, but the assembly line.

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