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Low-risk, with casino chips after checkpoints have to fight all the way, did not pass? Only a small lose, no serious problem. This is a simple bet worth pondering over and over again the way, seen strange series of betting method (formula) I always thought "1326" the most worth recommending to everyone.

Please note: This play is simple, but the same sentiment Control Manager can not be ignored, especially in the fourth Betting (6), sometimes not start, it will instead be a loss, so that the original becomes the big win a gamble a miserably small win situation.

Betting mode:

188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

1. First Betting 1

2. The first win, a second and added, betting 3 (the first note of 1+ 1+ add up to win 1 = 3)

3. The first transmission, the same back to square one, bet 1, start from scratch.

The second win, the 4 into the pocket, the third betting 2.

The second input, as back to square 1 bet, start from scratch.

Third win, Adds 2, the fourth betting 6 (second note 2+ winnings add up 2+ 2 = 6)

7. The third input, the same back to square one, bet 1, start from scratch.

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