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Betting skills of flat injection method

Betting there is a relatively high winning play betting method called Flat injection method A feature of Ping injection method is stable! So not suitable for thrill-seeking friends.

It is called a flat injection method, because every bet when betting is to bet the same chip. For example, every time 100 fast, no matter win or lose. The benefit of this approach is that winning or losing a game of has little impact on the players. And self-control is relatively strong, will not be disturbed by external factors. using flat NOTE law in betting, it should be clear that no matter win or lose, as long as it is necessary to reach a predetermined amount of money to leave.

This approach also has drawbacks, for example, after a few to start losing streak, but you want to win back the cost of a certain amount of profit, which is the time it takes a very large, sometimes even unable to do so is a regular thing.Play online if you want to spend a lot of time to reach a goal.The best choice to give up, in fact, the network and the real casino has a similar feature, is by all means let guests stay longer.Difficulty factor we all know that gambling is a game to rely on luck, stay for a long time, the more uncertainty, potentially increasing the winning.Many friends like to play exciting, would not choose flat injection method, because this method is Qiuwen.

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