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Internet gambling experience ramble


Five elements allelopathy, gambling wins or loses, these are the laws of nature, but also what we call the trend contrarian die, love losing bet; as a professional gambler, to achieve long-term stability of earnings is the real profit alone this creed, and strive to create the future.


Let me know who I am grateful network betting friends, thank you for letting me find an inexhaustible supply of Jinshan, although I know you just did for their own interests. In reality, I really do not like to gamble, I feel it is time-wasting activities, and there are many online gambling rules into line less than a year, and now has twice the monthly income higher than my salary, and the average rapid growth, really, very grateful; which I am most pleased not my earnings every month, but insisted the exit stopper lose every day, homeopathy.

Temper / attitude:

A million marrow will be off the ground I think the use of these words to describe it is the image of gambling.In the vast betting industry, very few people really profitable; betting is profession, with other professionals different is that it in several projects, mathematics mind money management discipline, and most people think the mentality of the most important, but I personally feel that the most important thing individuals temper mettle; the so-called leopard change its spots; even if you told yourself time to follow the plan, we can to some point or uncontrollable, if a bad temper changed, recommend away The long-term in the past, ranging from loss of earnings, while family break.Many of my friends say their attitude is very good, is to win money; I think a lot of friends should muddy confusion of the concepts of mind and temper; personal understanding of it, the mentality is a kind of placid; and temper mettle should be summarized and the seven deadly sins.

This is a well-known gambler must understand and one course, this course does not involve the kind of complicated functions you just want to understand the truth; no continuous cable, no no way, this cable off our harvest It is another cable, which is the cycle of nature, interlocking, complementary stalemate, I call eternity.

With a coin toss three times and throw 1W times, the next lottery is always the chance of 50%, a casino and coins are the same reason.


Wisdom is not education, not necessarily genius. Buddhism by nature, with the same sense perception.

In short, a thousand people to understand, there will be one of thousands of conclusion, they understand it is not the same time, the million individuals to use their conclusions when different time, space, and the results are not appearing Like, this is why the world will be good or bad, please carefully identify themselves, whether you have or ever have such wisdom; if not, even if you flutter or bet Solutions longer because of the familiarity of a thing, you. Wu will be more, understand more deeply; wisdom, vary.

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