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Talk about a supernatural winning method (metaphysics)

Originally I did not want them to say, because these are beyond the natural phenomena, so some people say I have a nerve problem, but it is also real.

It is said that the Five Elements is one-dimensional, two-dimensional animal plants, human beings are three-dimensional.

Imagine you, humans are able to accurately predict the future of animals, such as ants perspective is about, of course, can not see the top of it, you observe an ant walking, it's the distance a stone, of course, the ants do not know the distance a stone, and mankind was able to see the future of ants.

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Similarly, the universe, higher than the human dimension of life is there, but it does not exist in three-dimensional space, but it can be viewed. Reason to watch the animals with humans in the future, like the future of mankind.

According to the information I watched, it was tried by way of dreaming, that the results of the game, such as the team to get the World Cup, if you know who can take the championship, so to win is yes.

As to how to get this capability, I really do not know, I write this, just so that we long experience and to the point.

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