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Professional gamblers is in fact an investment

Gambling is a high-risk recreational activities. For a long time, many of the gamblers with fiery enthusiasm into it, but few people can benefit from the final, over ninety percent ended in failure and even defeated. Thus, people often habitually The gambling behavior as a special kind of personal activity, while not directly related to the socio-economic and so most people are hard to identify gambling is an investment behavior, because gambling has always been a high risk, invested irrational management and so on. So people will not be so special Speculate Behavior Investment Together. In fact, this is a long been a misunderstanding of gambling behavior.

Gambling to a certain extent with the shares, securities, futures and others have great similarities.And different is the former associate of personal income and control capabilities far greater than the latter.And the latter more to do with the political economic and military and the business environment are closely related.If they can put aside when the above factors, the changes in the gambling chips deemed curves stock or futures index, they found the same point.Curve at a time with the ebb over time, it is this volatility curve to provide investors with the opportunity to gain the.Stock index futures volatility cycle is longer, less can choose to benefit from the opportunities; it is a bear market may have to wait several years before a turnaround.And gambling is different, it can have a choice in just a few seconds chance.So why gamblers more failed while stock investors are more able to get the expected benefits of it?The main reason is the elapsed time compression of gambling such investment activities extremely difficult to control, the casino will not only take advantage of favorable rules, more use of the shortcomings of human nature, the so-called gambling is actually unyielding psychological, is unwilling to admit defeat lose non-win is not, has appeared paranoid psychology, "as only the loss, the lay leaders defeated" in the operation along little risk, a bad luck, they lose a little in order to re-injection retaliation casino, the result is a long time instantaneous Winnings ashes, more is even present to the cleaners, the brain where there is "risk" awareness, "stop-loss" concept.Gamblers usually do not have long-term goals and strategies; lack of awareness and means of risk diversification; in action behave too freely; at the same time there are more heart lucky gamblers and greed.By contrast, the success of the long-term equity investors there is a clear, medium-term and short-term goals and risk diversification of awareness and planning.Gamblers no capital plan and benefit plan.Win when the total principal amount of hands that can be unlimited expansion, to lose, it refused to stop, fantasy Fanben in a few hands, and ultimately lead to lose everything.The successful stock investors usually have a stock market effective analysis, along with a corresponding set earnings targets, short-term investments predetermined amplitude limit, but will not put money into a class and one stock in the past diversify investment risks, and then wait for the arrival of the timing of income.

For thousands of years, the casino will always have the last laugh. The facts tell us that, no matter how technical and cheats can not win the final victory. To change this fact alone can not achieve the goal by gambling, only to change the gambling investment The concept, the use of short-term stock investments similar way, through small victories to reach the goal of a long bet will win. In fact, some experts have already proposed the establishment of investment ideas in the casino. long bet will win this book have invested It shadows, but the text of the personal psychological quality requirements is difficult to achieve, while the lack of specific strategies and methods.

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So how will change the behavior of rational gamble to invest it?

First, the funds should be concentrated at the disposal of the establishment of an investment fund for casino activity.And limit the use of funds for each of the upper limit shall not exceed three percent of the total funds.When the fund was positive growth in investment funds for each proportional increase, whereas pro rata reduction.This fund is like a constantly expanding and contracting of the ball, no matter the situation appears to be to withstand vibration, will never disappear.And then proceeds to establish a suitable target.Any investment risk and return are directly proportional to the illusion that we can not lose even a few hundred times to get a few returns.When the fund grow more than 10%, should be part of the growth in profits when the withdrawal should not be re-invested as equity.Since the fund growth curve is a link from each event from the point of revenue, so each event should not pursue a big win, but to avoid large output amplitude limit by the pursuit of the win, accept small win or lose small , try to avoid the transmission, adhere to such a long time gambling strategy, waiting for a predetermined result.Suppose each of our activities funds for 1000 yuan, 1000 yuan when the note as a depressed, no one can predict the result of win or lose, the result is purely accidental, that is, we say luck.And when we put 1000 yuan into 100 parts, we have more than 100 betting opportunities, each bet is the point, it is these points form a line, and the continuous extension of this volatility curve provides us with benefits opportunity, in the graph, we can see seven cases occur each event: the victory, wins, victory, flat, small defeat, the defeat, defeated, in a certain period of time, seven results the most frequent are: a small victory, flat, little lost; the other is the victory, in defeat; again: victory, defeat, if we had set the amplitude is limited to 50%, assuming that fell to minus 30 percent first return rose to positive 20 percent, we unconditionally end of this event, to know that the greater the risk the greater the amplitude, through two different activities, we can understand that the former is a bet, the consequences can not be controlled, which is short-term investment, the result can be a variety of options.These are just the specific strategies and methods, in fact, very few people can invest in strict accordance with the rules.Most people knew a dead end, still rushed, the key is that these people without a proper understanding of gambling behavior and lack of good psychological quality; as a fully understand the car driver drove on the highway, like, slash, If you know it will not play by the rules with car crash, there are people dare to do scraped body?Thus, participation in gambling must first know the serious consequences it may bring! In fact more than the average investor needs rigorous training! Gambling licensing process good people always suffer the impact of poor cards, resulting in mood swings make irrational under Note that when gamblers understand the reason investment strategy in the course of the curve changes only concern chips, waiting for the right result occurs, a winning or losing a bet becomes important, naturally mentality will not be affected.I believe that everyone is very easy to understand the above stated reasons to invest not gambling, it does not mean the ability to have real action, need long-term training process, in fact most people never do.

Ordinary gamblers heart is so upset, are looking to find a winning technique lore to win the casino, wait flourishes, extreme mood Fuzao! In fact, what is the key to success is speculation it?Specific application to invest in the process, is the mentality of the practice is more important than the basic skills.Any one think that they have enough skilled people, should operate very accurate.But it can only do so, for it is not enough investment.Improve the investment skills of the higher stage is money management, which is a good premise person can handle in a single gambling, access to the processing capacity of several gambling.So that it can control risk and increase overall revenue.Only the implementation of the principle of a stable state of mind, can long survive, in order to more stably handle gambling.

Investment philosophy with reference to gambling, but is completed into the professional gamblers from gambling blind queue. Only those who learn money management, and can solve the psychological fluctuations, control their emotions, disciplined professional gamblers is excellent professional gambling passengers.

Some then please friends understand what: quantitative and qualitative principles.This principle is from a philosophical point of view of how science finance gambling, or how to win is the most scientific and reasonable way of winning.1000 yuan cost, I say one day earn 2000 yuan, we certainly think that I brag Mengren.But if I say that every time I earn 200 yuan, I am sure you will believe.What if I say I one day have 10 times the chance, I am sure you also accept.That 10 times 200 yuan 2000 yuan Is not it?.This is the principle of the power of quantitative qualitative change.I think we all know, never reluctant to do it! Just do not want to pick up on the ground of a dime.Because we despise the way to win money.Always thought that only so few bets, you earn several times the cost of money.Is the real skill! In order to reflect the true nature of their own God of Gamblers.Indeed, it has been the film God of Gamblers superb gambling skills are lost self.In fact, the risk is proportional to income, how much you want to win, it is possible to lose much.Quick success, flourishes, but also possible haste makes waste, poor night storm.Why do Gamblers?Normal, ordinary people, the norm, to be no smell of outstanding professional gamblers, winning long-term stability, over time, every day you will have a good mood, my wife loves you, baby more playful, the sky bluer.Every day you are the best.

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