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Principle of Gaming from crocodile investment techniques

Crocodile principle is very well-known financial investment community an investment theory it means: It is assumed that a crocodile bite your feet, if you hand to try to break your foot, crocodile will bite your feet and hands The more you struggle, it was the more bite. So, if a crocodile bite your feet, your only way is to sacrifice one foot.

Crocodile principles are frequently used in many investment situations, and in particular the application of gaming frequent and obvious. The most obvious application of the principle where the crocodile is a stop in a lose you lose, do not consider Fanben, not any additional Betting exit immediately. "sacrifice one foot" to avoid having to pay more tragic consequences.

Some players into the casino, only for entertainment, they might in order to stimulate other reasons, and continue to additional investment, and do not care about that after the note is going to lose or win - if you have enough money to lose does not matter, then So no one indulgence is not. But if you want to win money in the long-term gaming, then you must overcome all chances, only to gaming as investments to be taken seriously, it will give you the same return.

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A stop reason a lot of players know everything, but can strictly abide by very few people, but a lot of people when to stop transmission lines, like "must win the next game," which will stop line behind, so stop Loss line loses its meaning, no setting up is no different. Therefore, if you really want to win money in betting, put the crocodile in mind the principle of never forget it, written on paper carry also a good way ʱ??

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